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Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir May 4th 2020

url= So, its 04 May and we are at Yaroslavl after a lazy breakfast, we take the bus to Uglich but get off at Rostov . The journey is picturusque but quite short.Less than an hour later we alight in one of the oldest towns in Russia. It dates back to 862 , now a quaint peaceful village with four monasteries, churches and the tranquil Lake Nero, the Kremlin( a citadel) is worth a walk around to feel the history. During the Tatar-Mongol Invasion the city was almost totally destroyed but today the perfectly proportioned towers, the immaculately laid out gardens and the white stoned churches make it a charming town. .It is one of the golden ring town,serene and beautiful. We let t... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir April 28th 2020

If it was not for Corona we were booked for our annual holiday starting today. The trip that could have been! Virtual is the new world, so I thought I would travel virtual and take the readers on this holiday with me. 28 Apr – Flight from New Delhi in the morning and here we are in Moscow at 5.25 am . First things first- Bought a SIM card From Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) took the airport train to Kursky Station and then a train from the left side of the station to Vladimir . We plan to do the golden triangle before doing Moscow. Checked into the hotel and by 12 noon we were good to go! Took a taxi to go around the main sights in Vladimir . The Golden Gates built in 1164 ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir August 3rd 2014

Combining a trip to both these towns within a single day is a hard task but I managed to do it, though with a very stupid mistake. Both these towns are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and so are of highest priority for me. This time I managed to board the train without any occurrences, and arrived to Vladimir in three hours. Instead of doing the sights at once, I decided first to go by bus to Suzdal, and proceed with Vladimir. All would be done rather quickly. The bus station is right in front of the train station, nevertheless, I had to wait for half an hour for the bus. I bought a ticket to Suzdal (there were many people in queues) and it turned out I, as many other passengers, had standing places. ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir May 11th 2014

Russia, or rather, the old Soviet Union was our mortal enemy through most of our youth, up until the fall of the Union in 1991. But what do we really know about this often misunderstood and huge country? First, Russia is the largest country in the world, with 17 million square kilometers. With 142 million people, it is the ninth largest country by population. Most of us know that Moscow is the current capital, though it was moved to St. Petersburg during the reign of the Peter the Great. Making communication more difficult, as if the Russian language is not difficult enough, are over fifty indigenous peoples and languages, both written and spoken). Talk about a failure to communicate, Luke! Also surprising are the two main religions, Christianity and Islam. Yet, rather surprisingly, the life expectancy ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir July 13th 2013

Any visitor to Russia will have to get used to the fact that many things here are the same price (or more expensive) than in Western Europe, but will not be delivered with a smile or any sign that your custom is anything more than an effortful irritation to the waiter or receptionist that you deal with. Take the hotel I stayed in outside Moscow. For 1500 rubles (about 30 pounds) I got a small, uncomfortable bed in a room (admittedly clean) which hadn’t been decorated since the 1960s. The curtains didn’t fully cover the window, I had to make the bed myself, mosquitoes abounded, there wasn’t a towel or soap. In the hotel there wasn’t a café or place to have breakfast, I didn’t even ask about Internet. To complete the insult, when leaving in ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir April 20th 2013

The day started dramatically, with startled shouting leading us to look outside our hotel window to see an old woman had fallen out of a bus directly below us and hit the back of her head on the pavement. A concerned crowd of passengers stopped to see her to her feet and she walked away, but the bus driver just drove off - health and safety is not really a thing in Russia. The rest of the day was much more relaxed, as we pottered around the sights of Vladimir, the primary one being its Assumption Cathedral and the view behind it over the Oka valley. Vladimir is bigger and livelier than Suzdal - being the weekend, the streets were rowdy last night and there were many Russian visitors to the sights today -and although less ... read more
Assumption Cathedral
View from behind Cathedral
Back of Assumption Cathedral

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir April 19th 2013

Moved on to Vladimir today. Although the journey was only 3 hours, and was in the middle of the day, we are now officially on the Trans-Siberian route, so were in a sleeper car (3rd class, since we were only sitting). Even during the day on the Trans-Siberian there are many people lying around on their beds, and we were issued with bunks and bedsheets, even though we had no intention of using them. And, of course, the radio is playing (music and, apparently, comedy programmes) and many sales people are passing through the train, selling food and souvenirs. Excited for the forthcoming longer journeys! The Winter Olympics are coming to Sochi next year, and Russia is excited. The official kit is prominently displayed in shop windows in GUM, and it is not uncommon to see ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir July 22nd 2010

Somtimes Trans-Siberian train journeys can be lots of fun .. this wasn't one of those times. When boarding the train my spirits rose a little when I noticed it was a good quality train, but they were dashed oncer I discovered my bunk buddy. A quick survey of the carriage occupants revealed that I was paired up with the most repulsive charactere of the lot. Plascartny '3rd class' standard means that there are no closed compartments in the carriage, but the bunks are arranged in groups of four, with additional sets of two, one upper and one lower, on the side passage. Mine was the upper side passage and my neighbour, 'Mr Stinky' was the lower. Mr S wore silky tracksuit with the top permanently unzipped to reveal his flabby verandah. He reaked of probably both ... read more

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir April 12th 2010

C'est un peu soulages que nous quittons Moscou, parce que mine de rien la ville est crevante, et il nous tarde d'aller tater de la plaine herbeuse sous nos petons qui saturent de bitume. Du coup solution de facilite : le train, qui en 2h30 nous emmene a Влади́мир (Vladimir), receptionnes par Irina qui nous fait l'honneur de son chez-soi pour ce soir, avec une bonne salade de chou et des discussions souriantes. Le lendemain notre fiere hotesse nous fait une dynamique visite guidee de la ville, ce qui est a la fois tres chouette de sa part mais laisse un petit gout de "j'ai pas assez traine dans les ruelles", qui reste le meilleur moyen de se faire une idee de l'ambiance et du caractere du lieu. Mais comme la route n'attend pas (je piaffe ... read more
Smiling over the hill
Think is a church ?
Miscellaneous frozen vegetables

Europe » Russia » Centre » Vladimir July 9th 2009

The Baltika Index - BI Definition : the price at which 500ml of locally produced beer of 5% abv strength can be purchased from a shop or hostel in a given location, expressed as a decimal fraction of the price of 500ml of Baltika 3 lager as purchased from the mini-bar in room 418 of the Hotel Vladamir, Vladamir, Russia in June 2009 (50 rubles or approx £1) I have this theory that the relative expense of town can pretty much be determined by looking at the price of a pint of lager, that's certainly been my experience in the UK anyway. After all, the post work pint/half litre of lager is a fairly common tipple amongst, for example, most "western" societies (I use the term loosely :) ). Hence, demand and supply (assuming there's a ... read more

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