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Europe » Romania » Moldova » Iasi » Iasi November 11th 2013

I got the bus from the south bus station over the border to Iasi (Yash), Romania. The bus only took about 4 hours, possibly the quickest crossing so far. The Romanian border guard was very charming but wouldn't give me a stamp for my passport, which sucked. I arrived at Iasi's west bus station and was met by my old HK flatmate. Emma (her teaching name :) took me back to her place and we ate, drank a lot of tea, looked at the photos so far and watched some telly. Her husband got home around ten with a lasagne from his mother, and we sat down to eat lots and lots of mushroom (mmm, mushroom lasagne with stuffed mushrooms). We watched a film and fell asleep in the early hours. The next day we headed ... read more
Emma and her Mr
Me and a stickman readng a book

Europe » Romania » Moldova » Iasi » Iasi May 14th 2010

The next day Natalie decided not to hook up and so I took a taxi to the hospital entrance and waited for the maxi. A car stopped, unbidden, and I asked "Iasi?" and they said yes. It was a quiet ride and after they picked up another rider I was able to ask her how much I should offer. They dropped me a block from the train station and as I approached it I kind of teared-up, remembering a quite emotional scene from some years ago. I caught a taxi to the hotel Natalie googled on the net for me. It was very spartan affair and no shops to buy food at nearby. I sought out an internet cafe, but with so much free wi-fi around now they are disappearing. I thought of the library, but ... read more

Europe » Romania » Moldova » Iasi » Iasi June 29th 2009

By train and car to and from Iasi So, now that you've read about our trip to Moldova, you may be wondering "How the heck did they get there & back?" Well, we traveled through some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, in my humble opinion. And, we traveled there in the most stress free way-by train. Traveling by train in Romania is one of my most favorite travel activities. The lovely and varied scenery, the click clack of the rails, the gentle sway of the carriage, the unique churches and villages all combine together to weave an unforgettable experience. I was also blessed on this trip to have an interesting traveling companion, Christina Semon. As I've mentioned, Christina is a young Orthodox Christian missionary who has dedicated several years of her life to ... read more
Train travel
My wonderful travel companion
Church and village

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