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Europe » Romania » Moldova » Bacau » Bacau September 16th 2016

Just a few more days before my departure to Europe for the Big Build in Bacau, Romania. As part of my plan to visit 100 countries by the the time I reach 70 years of age, I am going on a pre-build tour through the Balkans. The first stop will be Ljubljana in Slovenia, then Croatia,Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia before arriving in Romania. (late breaking news, on a count back, I discovered that I am going to not achieve 100 by the end of this trip.) On September 20th, we left West Hawk Lake after the usual fall shutdown and drove to Winnipeg and then Lorette for a last visit with Aron, Fran and Xavier. Jan will be in the Winnipeg area for a bit, and then she will drive west to Ymir and on to ... read more
Track side monastery
An old freight engine
Mute Swans in the Delta

Europe » Romania » Moldova » Bacau » Bacau September 27th 2012

We started our work day on Wednesday with our regular amount of painting and flooring, but soon a dump truck arrived and Karin's eyes lit up like a kid getting a birthday present (Happy Birthday to Michaela Martin and Campbell DeBoth btw). Almost everyone took a turn running a shovel or wheelbarrel or both! Unfortunately, no rakes were available, so we had use the shovel for both. For those veterans of Habitat, day 3 is usually the day you hit a bit of a wall physically. Your body does a 'what the heck are you doing to me desk jockey?' While there were a few more breaks, everyone powered through and felt a sense of accomplishment! We were rewarded with a dinner at George's home. George is the executive director of Habitat Comanesti and on the ... read more

Europe » Romania » Moldova » Bacau » Bacau June 15th 2010

I had hoped to buy some tuica from the gazda daddy but the day on the mountain was so long I didn't have time to ask him and it seems he kept it stored at his other house. Tuica is the thing you want to get homemade and this was my last chance. I have to settle for the half quart I already have. God knows what he thought when N came to him at 11pm wanting a liter of it. Leaving Brus was somewhat of a challenge. I never have trouble waking up early, but the maxi-taxis can be very unreliable. The one I was catching was supposedly all the way to Bacau at 8:00. It showed up at 9 and was going less than halfway. It placed me in Comanesti and no transfer in ... read more

Europe » Romania » Moldova » Bacau » Bacau June 11th 2010

I had not planned on going to Bacau because the friend I had intended to meet would not be there. However, with the time on my hands it would be interesting to re-visit old haunts. It was cool that I was able tell the bus driver exactly where I wanted to go so as to find the net cafe I knew so well. I needed the cafe to google-up a pensiune so I had an economical place to stay. The net acfe I knew so well for so many years had closed and, again, finding one was difficult. With guidance from someone I was reminded of one I knew from previous visits. Of the 4 full hotels I knew in town the cheapest was $65 per night and "wasn't all that." It the intervening years I ... read more

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