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April 24th 2010
Published: April 24th 2010
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Friday I met up with two friends individually.

Monika worksd at the McD and is studying to be a psychologist/family conselor. She and her boyfriend are going to be carnies in the States this summer.

She got me a daypass on the transit system and took me on a tour of several parks, a few churches, some of her favorite markets and shops. We dropped by her apartment and when I couldn't set up the timer on my camera she suggested just using her webcam to make a photo together. Seeing our image on the laptop I tried to straighten out my hair and chided her for letting me walk around with it sticking out. She answerd "Nobody was looking at you, you're old!" Ouch.

I'm glad I decided at the last minute to bring a couple long-sleeve items of clothing, as Spring has not fully sprung and there is a periodic nip in the air. The blister on my heel is not making walking any more pleasant, though band-aids are helping.

Monika was quite pleased to offer up an American hotdog sold from a street vendor, who seemed rather popular. We wound up at the mall, as is a normal place for all girls. It was a mall as any other. :-) We had lunch at a F3, which is a food chain serving traditional food. The video display hyped the coming appearance of Iris, one of the old school rock bands that has been around for untold years.

Later in the afternoon she handed me over to Liana, who is a friend I met in the States a couple summers ago. The three of us shared a milkshake and then Monika went to work and Liana and I caught up and shared some time. She had to leave to go to Bucuresti to take an exam for work so we had to part rather early on.

I spent the balance of the evening people-watching in the Centrum as Peter and his family tended to their pastoral duties in a nearby village. While sitting on a bench I managed to scare one unfortunate little boy, charm another small child and get hit on by two gypsy girls.

A shower and a good night's sleep were in order.


24th April 2010

IRIS yep!

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