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Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara May 31st 2022

Timisoara Am mai trecut, am mai stat, doar ca acum suntem pe fuga spre casa tot la o distanta de 8h de capitala. Am ajuns seara si am ales Hotel Angellis mai la periferie doar pentru innoptat,pret 255 ron, camera dubla, fara mic dejun, cu parcare, aer conditionat, camera spatioasa. Dar privelistea lasa de dorit spre o zona industriala. Ne-a luat cam jumatate de ora sa alegem food court-ul de la cel mai apropiat mall Iulius dupa o zi obositoare de mers. Acesta ar fi un inconvenient.... read more
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Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara September 5th 2021

Gestern bin ich bis T gefahren, in der Hoffnung, hier jemanden zu finden, der einen Õlwechsel macht bei Flo, oder mich machen lässt. War aber alles zu. Das letzte Stück war ich auf der Autobahn, weil das Navi keine Ahnung hatte, wo wir sind. Zum ersten Mal waren da viele deutsche Autos und mir wurde plötzlich klar, dass die alle heimfahren und am Montag wieder arbeiten. So nah bin ich also schon dem Ende der Reise. Heute, Sonntag, Besichtigung in T. Interessant ist das Nebeneinander von wunderschönen, restaurierten Bauten, potenziell schönen Bauten, die am Zusammenfallen sind und potthässlichen sozialistischen Bauten, die es nicht einmal Wert sind, hergerichtet zu werden. Wikipedia weiß noch etwas interessantes über die Bevölkerung der Stadt: es gab den Temeswarer Wasserschub, das war eine organisierte Umsiedlung innerhalb der url= read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara May 27th 2017

Un oras frumos, bine pastrat in arhitectura lui, care merita uneori vara sa poposesti si sa il iei la pas. Am dat si de straduta cu umbrelutele colorate si evident centrul plin cu cafenele, restaurante unde este o placere sa servesti ceva, doar sa gasesti un loc liber. Cazare ceva nou asta dupa review-uri, Pensiunea Andronic, este un pic la periferie, pana in centru ai nevoie de un taxi, dar pentru liniste si oaza de verdeata chiar merita. Pret 120 ron=o noapte/camera. Ni s-au parut cam neprimitoare, reci gazdele care raspund scurt, nu debordeaza de ospitalitate si voie buna, desi spatii de cazare au din plin. Pensiunea avea aer conditionat, tv, parcare generoasa, curata, spatioasa, singura problema era gasirea unui taxi fiind zi de weekend-sambata. Micul dejun este servit in gradina, in foisor si este unul ... read more
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Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara August 7th 2016

Un oras mare si plin de flori, catedrale, piete in functie de anotimp. Am gasit pe fuga o locatie amarata Casa Temisana la bulevard, cu totul basic pentru o camera dubla fix pentru dormit in cele cateva ore de trecut.... read more
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Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara July 27th 2016

At the Romanian border the queue was not that long. Within some minutes we passed the passport check. When you enter Romania by car you also have to pay for using the roads, like all countries. About the price we cannot complain. 3 Euros for a week. The polite and funny guy behind the desk asked me politely if I could pay 4 Euros instead of 3. The old Balkan methods where you have to pay the police and the border guards are not completely disappeared. But for 1 euro extra I won't cause a lot of noise and beside the guy was quite funny, so we can state that the so called soup money is low enough to negligible. Time to continue the road. Since my last visit there was a very pleasant surprise! There ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara May 8th 2015

Well folks, it's been 8 days in Romania, but tomorrow I'll be heading back to the previous time zone. I can't believe I've only got 20 more days of this trip. It's also graduation day at UGA in good ol' Athens, GA, and I have quite a few friends participating in that this morning and evening. To all of you: sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I'm proud we all get to be alumni together now. Go Dawgs! Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let me tell you about my day. It started far too early, but after another restless night in a hotel room that was far too warm, I suppose it was a relief to get the day started. I checked out of my hotel, and it was cool ... read more
Colorful buildings on Union Square
Roman Catholic Church + Trinity Monument on Union Square
Civic Park

Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara August 6th 2013

Apologies in advance for this lengthy entry...maybe it's a train trip's reading... Just as I got reacquainted with Macedonia I came up with the bright idea to leave. Not because it wasn’t great being back but it was more about time management. Oh yes, ever the diary manager and organiser. There was some rationalisation involved. My ‘plans’ were to go to Albania again but, as Ramadan had commenced and would continue until early August I thought I might have a better time there once it was all was over. You know, just in case I stay with a family and have to wait until sundown to eat… Anyone who has been with me while I experience a sugar low will know what I mean by that! I need to eat when I need to eat -there ... read more
Sleep this way
Bucharest, Romania
Bus stop outside Bistrita monastery

Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara June 23rd 2013

It is sort of arrogant to just write like this into the universe. With 52,000 hits, someone must be reading, but it still feels a little arrogant to me. When I was a kid, my father kept a calendar over the sink in his bathroom. In the morning after his run, he would write down on the calendar, what he had done the day before. "Dinner at the Vintage. 4 miles; 28 minutes." "Skied Bear Valley. Grilled a filet Mignon. Wine and laughs in the Jacuzzi after." Maybe it was his way of saying, "I am still alive." He wanted to write something interesting on the calendar in the morning. If he just watched TV, drank 3 beers, and passed out, he would know he wasn't using the gift of time. Hard to tell with him ... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara June 8th 2012

Timisoara. O scurta oprire de o noapte la intrarea in tara. Un oras mare, frumos, cu multe piete pietonale, in stil occidental, care te face sa mai revii si alta data. Am ales Pensiunea Uno, tarif 100ron, camera ok, spatioasa, TV, cu loc de parcare, chiar in fata. Este situata departe de centrul orasului, cam la 6km, dar cu aceasta ocazie am incercat sa vedem cat mai multe.... read more

Europe » Romania » Banat » Timis » Timisoara April 25th 2010

I met Peter on-line through the Ro-Maniacs Yahoo Group. There was a meeting of the minds on a number of issues and we decided to meet on my arrival. After a couple days of connections with Romanian friends I wanted to see a little of my host Peter (and his family's) work. They have been most gracious to me. They are independent Baptist missionaries, sponsored by a church in mid-Pennsylvania for almost 10 years. I hoped to expand my experience and not be a hinderence to them. The day was a non-stop whirlwind of ministerial activity. First stop he was essentially the warm-up for the main worship activity at a church in the city. After a liitle chit-chat with the church members we were off to a gypsy village on the other side of Lugoj. The ... read more

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