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April 24th 2010
Published: April 24th 2010
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I woke up Monika and we met in time for lunch in the center of town. But first we bought my train ticket to Craiova, where I moderately amused/annoyed the clerk by shushing Monika and forced her to deal with my Romanian.

We then settled on Casa cu Flori for lunch. She had mentioned that she had been drinking there before but never ate at. On entering the dining room I noted that it was several layers more 'uptown' than I was accustomed to. I was more than satisfied with a meat-stuffed crepe (which they insist on calling pancakes) and an order of farmer's cheese. Monika had a combo plate which included mamaliga topped with an egg, breaded cauliflower, liver and mushroom.

Then we strolled hither and yon chatting and popping into this shop or that one and accomplishing errands. I picked up a few modest souvenirs. Eventually, we met up with her boyfriend. We continued to stroll about while I wildly took photographs of the two of them, much to his annoyance and Monika's delight. We comisserated over his poor, tired feet and judged passing butts. We talked on and on about their anticipated summer as carnies and some of the subtleties and nicities of the English language an life in America.

We topped off the evening with a beer and hugs.


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