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April 23rd 2010
Published: April 23rd 2010
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Nice landing, but so quiet compared to my first touchdown here 8 years ago. That time the Tarom airliner was packed with returning Romanians, seemingly grandparents and parents returning from extended stays in the Romanian diaspora. When the wheels touched that time the entire plane exploded with cheers and applause. This time it was a business-as-usual, let me outta this damn plane vibe.

Timisoara is a modest-sized airport and Peter had no trouble picking me out of the arrivals. We picked up his wife and kids who were doing some shopping. He took me to his spacious and warm home and as my brain buzzed with travel fatigue we called a couple people I know here and he assisted me in getting a simm card for my phone and some Romanian cash.

My phone refused to unlock using the codes T-Mobile gave me so we went on an adventure to find "a guy" to unlock it. We ventured into a shop which was more like a basement room. It had a display case in one corner filled with used phones and in another corner a small counter at which a woman sat, ready to dispense beer and liquor.

Mission accomplished, we inserted my new simm card and discovered some weird incompatability between my phone and Orange. I was receiving an endless stream of text messages from the company. The Orange shop was not successful in ending them, though at least since they are coming from Orange I'm not getting charged for them.

We briefly visited my friend at McD where she works and walked back to Peter's car. Being a man, I took brief notice of a couple of attractive girls window-shopping as we walked by them. Coincidentally, their path followed ours and I noticed they seemed to have taken some notice of us. One stopped us and asked the time, always a sure sign something was up. A half block later we got to the car and Peter realied he had locked his keys in it.

As he called his wife to bring the spares, I noticed those girls had stopped about 10 yards away from us and were chatting idly between themselves and eyeing us from time to time. Peter was oblivious, as he was explaining to his wife where we were, but it was pretty apparent they would have responded to any shout-outs made in their direction. Soon enough they wandered off.

Peter's wife didn't even whack him on the head once for locking the keys in the car. In fact, she had a delicious dinner waiting when we returned. My brain was falling apart so I went to sleep VERY early.


23rd April 2010

Welcome to 2010 Romanian adventure :)
welcome back, dear John ! i wish you to have the best trip with the Romanian friends here :)
23rd April 2010

Welcome, John!
Hi John, glad you made it. Please say Hi to Peter and Julie and give Lari a big hug from me! P.S. I still remember the delicious dinner we had when we visited some 5 years ago. Julie is a great cook!

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