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Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto November 3rd 2010

Visita à Rota do Fresco - Alentejo - 22 a 24 de Outubro 2010 07h00 – Pontualidade britânica em Portugal. Chegamos em carro ou de táxi simultaneamente com o autocarro que nos levará ao Alentejo para uma Visita à Rota do Fresco (projecto baseado numa rede de parceiros locais – proprietários de património, entidades públicas, comerciantes, associações de desenvolvimento local – que tem por objectivo promover o desenvolvimento sustentável do território abrangido, e a preservação do seu legado cultural). O projecto foi criado em 1999 por Catarina Valente Gonçalves, historiadora de Arte e na sequência levada a cabo sobre o núcleo de pintura mural de Alvito. Rapidamente nos instalamos e o autocarro põe-se em marcha. Um nascer do sol esplendoroso: labaredas de fogo em céu azul ferrete. Viagem acompanhada por uma névoa insistente que suge... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto October 20th 2010

The next day we flew to Porto. Now, I have flown within the Schengen zone before (Amsterdam to the Canary Islands) but the no passport check back then that didn’t make sense to me now does. Flying within the Schengen zone is like taking a domestic flight which we found out when we went to the immigration window and need not have had our passports checked, nor should we enter the ‘international zone’. Our flight was a small 57 seater - 1.5 hours to the lovely Porto. After a long walk to our hotel, we rested for a while and ventured out to the river whilst stopping many times along the way for photos of the beautiful old buildings. After along long time walking we reached to beautiful Douro river and had dinner there with my ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto October 16th 2010

We arrive in Porto, Portugal's commercial hub, meet our friend Jose's family and share a lovely evening meal based around local meats, cheeses and wine. We have heard that quality food is important to the people of the North and already this appears to be true. Jose guides us around some of the many sights of the city, starting with an espresso at the ornate Cafe Majestic in the downtown area. Its Keith's first coffee in quite a while and Tessa and I are a bit concerned about the effects, especially with sugar added and an accompanying chocolate. We visit a famous old grocery store full of yummy delicacies and stroll through a vibrant produce market. Its refreshing to see this traditional type of shopping still available. Walking through the streets, we get more of a ... read more
A famous grocery store
A chapel, Porto cathedral
Port tasting

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto September 7th 2010

Stizem vozom u moj omiljeni grad, drago mi je sto sam opet tu. Pozdravljam se sa ostatkom ekipe i cekam Ines, drugaricu koja je bila kod mene u Beogradu par dana. Cim sam je video zakacio mi se neki osmeh, i bujica reci je eruptirala iz dvoja usta dok smo isli ka njenoj kuci. Ispostavilo se da je to vise vila sa ogromnim dvoristem punom raznog tropskog rastinja bazencetom i psom i mackom, prelepa kuca, totalni raj. Takva je i njena soba sa terasom koja je ovog puta bila namenjena za mene. Oboje smo jako umorni ja od oprostajne zurke a ona se oprasta od svog brata koji odlazi u Lisabon, ali ipak izlazimo da malo procunjamo gradom jednim od troja kola koje imaju. Nalazimo se sa njenim drugarom iz Belgije koji se tek doselio u ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto August 31st 2010

Da, ovaj grad me je odusevio na prvi pogled a posle je nastavio da me odusevljava sve 4 noci koliko smo proveli ovde. Ne znam dal’ mi se vise svidja stari grad koji je na brdu sa koga se spustaju jako uske ulicice na reku gde se nalazi pesacka zona prepuna kafica sa pogledom na visoke mostove, ili mozda to sto ima ogromne pescane plaze sa tropskim barovima. Nocni zivot se ovde desava na ulicama, ispred barova ima toliko ljudi da je ceo centar blokiran, a ljudi jako prijateljski nastrojeni, prilaze, pricaju a cak je neki lik kad nas je video sa rancima prisao i dao na dve flase vina i zelje da se super provedemo u Portugaliji. Mislim da mu se zelja ispunila.. Sad kad bih se zapitao, gde bih pozeleo da zivim, vise ne ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto August 18th 2010

Ujutru smo rano zapalili, ali zbog prazinka nista ne radii doruckujeo suva hleba. Stop nam nije nesto krenuo i tek pole 3 sata staju neki Australijanac i Amerikanka, koji su se upoznali preko neta i sad putuju zajedno. Iako smo na tabli imali Vigo posto su isli cak do Porta odbacise nas svih 350km. Porto je super grad vec na prvi pogled naprvismo par krugova po centu i pravac plaza. Bar na plazi nije skup i tu smo ceo dan. Brazilci rade u svim kaficima praceni dobrim glasom kao party manijaci. Skuplja se tu neka ekipa preko CouchSurfinga neki Nemac ( verovatno najludji covek kog sam upoznao) i jedna lokalna devojka. Nemac je pre oko godinu dana krenuo na putovanje bajsem iz nemacke do vijetnama ali preko cele evrope. Prvo je bio 8 meseci u Amsterdamu ... read more
Porto nocu

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto August 6th 2010

So now having got ourselves here, it all felt a bit underwhelming at first having left Viana da Castello and all that it had to offer. We find ourselves in Leixoes marina close to Porto feeling and sounding quite industrious, the city itself being a bus ride away. It is impossible to be in Porto and not taste the Port wine. We found the most idyllic location to taste their varieties, in the grounds of a stately home looking out over the city, the river Douro and out to sea. Ah, this is the life. That was all after a rather unexpected encounter with a blind man in the park. He was looking for his bus stop and couldn’t find his way out of the park with his stick alone and was looking for help. The ... read more
Gustav Eiffel bridge
Over the Douro
UNESCO church

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Braga August 5th 2010

So much to blog and so little computer access, we share with everyone staying here so it takes a little time to have a chance to tell the story. No pics but will share when we get home. Ok, the riding has been amazing for all three girls, truly a learning experience and they are having such a good time, that we are booking a return trip for next August. If this is my husband reading this maybe I should have warned you first. Sorry, but it is gorgeous and I think you would like it too. If this is anyone else reading and you are thinking I want to ride horses in Portugal let us know soon. They only take a small number of riders and the horses are very high quality both dressage (please ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Braga August 3rd 2010

Second day of riding and the qoutes from the riders as follows Annie Laziest horse ever Sage Im not dead yet Heather Hold on for dear life. Ok in actuallity the girls are riding either 2 or 3 hours per day and they are working hard. It is funny because the horses are very well trained, but as Annie says you have to know which button to push and it is much different than the US. The girls are used to not using really short reins, but here if you donºt the horses assume you do not know what you are doing so you must. On a non horse note there is a gorgeous church, actually around every corner but the one across the street rings the bell on the half hour starting at 7, thus ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto August 3rd 2010

So Ive shifted a country to the West, and have been in Portugal since the 1st. Lisbon was really cool. For some reason I didnt have that great of a first impression, but it quickly moved onto my good side after a night of going out. It was a Sunday night and the neighborhood where all the bars are was PACKED. Everyone drinking in the street-tourists and locals mixed. Literally all of the bars were dives, big enough for just the bar and a line for people to wait to order (because everyone drank outside). A lot of live music too. That night was also a blast because I joined worldly bunch from the hostel: 1 german, 2 Vascos, 3 from Valencia, 1 Greek, 1 Brazilian, 1 Argentine, and me. (Spanish was the common denominator.) Now ... read more

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