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April 24th 2018
Published: April 28th 2018
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Tuesday, Day 1: A bit worse for the wear, the six of us started our planned trip to Porto a couple hours later than expected. So, maybe no breakfast for some of us and maybe a Gatorade or two for the rest of us, but onward the weary travelers went.

Mike and Glen went out to get the car, a Mercedes 8 person van with plenty of room for luggage. Gary, Marji, Karen and I packed and dragged the luggage down the four flights. We decided to take the westenmost route to be closer to the sea. Great idea on our parts, since our designated lunch spot was the pretty coastal town of Nazaré. Back in the day, this was a fishing village but, now it’s main industry is quaint tourism. Certainly, with the widest beaches we have seen so far, you can see why the buses keep coming!

The upper village, Sítio, can be accessed by a funicular from the center of town. The houses are built up to the very edge of the cliffs above. I’m not sure, with the erosion from the wind and waves, how great an idea this is but, hey, not my monkeys.

Lunch was at a lovely restaurant with a view of the sea then off to Porto!

Late afternoon, we arrived at our hotel, the Dom Henrinque, where we all settled into our cozy rooms. Glen and Karen took off first. Gary, Marji, and I started our stroll down the pedestrian avenue, Rua de Santa Catarina, next. Mike hung back to shower off the road but joined us about an hour later. After a quick shopping trip for necessities, cork screw and mascara, we found a cute wine/tapas bar.

Saboriccia is a three generation, family run business. The owner, his son Ramiro, and their friends, unbeknownst to us, were sitting at a great table outside. After we longingly gazed at their space, the men took pity and asked us to join them. Their hospitality continued as the six of us assembled and decided to stay. What a great time we had with our new friends! The food was adventuresome without being scary and the wine was tasty.

Late that evening, we toddled back to the hotel to sleep until morning. Glad we came!

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28th April 2018

I have been reading every word
I keep a travel journey every time we venture to someplace new.It comes in handy when friends travel and want recommendations on restaurants/shops. Your blog is truly something to behold. I especially could relate to the food poisoning entry. Jere ordered something in Normandy and when it came,he didn't like the looks of it, little langastinos with beady little eyes. I ate all of it, quite yummy...three hours later I had symptoms of food poisoning. Will share the rest of the story when I see you. Glad the sick ones recovered rather quickly, I was a little worried. Love you Ellen

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