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Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto October 11th 2009

Amanheceu radioso o dia 10 de Outubro. Prometia uma temperatura agradável para efectuarmos os passeios previstos para este dia ( cá para mim o S. Pedro anda a tentar que o aceitemos como membro da Associação Porto / Bristol ... ) . A concentração, junto à Igreja de Cristo Rei, foi um êxito com todos os participantes pontuais e bem dispostos. Aproveitámos o percurso até à Casa de Mateus para pôr em dia as conversas atrasadas, apreciarmos e comprarmos os « pins » da Associação. Fomos admirando a magnífica paisagem do Douro Vinhateiro. Não posso deixar de recordar aqueles momentos mágicos em que uma névoa emprestava à paisagem uma auréola de sonho. A 2 km de Vila Real detivemo-nos no Palácio de Mateus, um dos mais bonitos do país, não só pela construção em si como ... read more
Casa da Mateus
Douro river

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto October 2nd 2009

Leaving behind Lisboa and the broad Tagus River (the same one flowing in smaller form through Toledo) we headed northward. North of Lisboa are rolling hills and small mountains, often forested with pines of various sorts and the overtaking eucalyptus. As is thus far always the case in Spain and Portugal, you are never far from olives trees and vineyards. Our first stop was in Fatima, site of the famous religious shrine (which interestingly was named originally after one of the daughters of Mohammed). On May 13, 1917 three shepherd girls told of seeing a vision of Mary in an oak tree. She appeared monthly on the same day of the month until October. The children told of visions and predictions she had given them. Each apparition took place at a site called Cova da Iria ... read more
Supplicant at Fatima
Vineyards in Doura Valley
Douro River valley

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto September 25th 2009

I've been in Porto for two days now and it's the most wonderful place. The buildings are old and somewhat run down, but it also makes the city ridiculously charming. The entire city is all hills - I am going to have the best calves after climbing up and down the streets the last couple of days! - with the lowest point being the Douro River. Similar to Edinburgh, the most recognizable buildings - the citadel and the castle - are visible from almost any point in the city, so it's relatively easy to orient yourself. The weather has been absolutely amazing - hot and sunny every day, and it only goes down to about 15 degrees at night. My hostel is awesome. It's right across from the Teatro Rivoli and the staff are super friendly ... read more
Me and some folks at Taylor's
Restaraunts along the river

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto September 2nd 2009

Day trip to Porto - Thursday 3 September 2009 Another good feature of staying at Pavoa de Vazim was the metro link from there to Oporto. We walked to the metro station which was about a 15 minute walk and arrived at the station ready to take on the automatic ticket booths. Well they had us nicely confused in about two minutes flat and then we were rescued by a very friendly Portuguese lady who spoke fluent English. Our little saviour had our tickets organised pronto and we enquired as to the source of her command of our native tongue - simple - she watched television, well everything except soap operas, she didn’t like them at all. We were to find out that most, if not all television shows and movies that are not produced in ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto August 31st 2009

Hola Portugal and Pavoa de Vazim. We left Bayona on the 31st of August with the harbour starting to show signs of a big Atlantic fog rolling in. Sure enough it continued to fill and soon we were heading along very cautiously, eyes paying particular attention to our radar, G.P.S and having Luke and Debs up on the bow keeping a lookout with eyes and ears peeled. We got past Cape Silleiro, the western most point of the Ria de Vigo and after clearing the rocks off the cape we turned south to Portugal. At least our course was easy once we reached our turning waypoint. Simply point the boat at 185’ magnetic and set the auto pilot. As the fog was still thick we continued to plot our position, speed and course in case our ... read more
Heading into Portugual
First glimpse of Portugal
Pavoa de Vazim

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto August 22nd 2009

To Conclude a very successful tour to Portugal by the Bristol Oporto Association, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the signing of the Peace Treaty between these two great Cities, a farewell dinner was held at the Trés Séculos restaurant in Taylor's portwine Lodge. Starting with aperitiffs served on the veranda, overlooking the Ponte Luis 1 bridge and the Douro river, it proved to be a beautiful setting. After a few photographs were taken in the gardens, to help us to remember this special occaision, dinner was served and the portwine flowed! Attended by 58 members from Both of the Associations ..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A letter from the Lord Mayor of Bristol read out at the Dinner on the final evening of the Bristol Oporto Association visit Please accept our sincere be... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto August 7th 2009

It was a 3 hour train ride to Porto from Lisbon. We checked in at the hotel and decided to head for town. We walked down the shopping street to the water in search of a late lunch. We found a collection of restaurants in sight of the river, went up to the nearest and got blanked by the waiter. We just keep walking to another one. Totally amazing simple meal. The kitchen was wiped out from lunch so all they could offer was a Portuguese fire sausage, bread, olives and beer. We went for it. The sausage came raw on skewer with a ceramic cooking grill. They fill the grill with alcohol cooking fluid, light it and then you cook it yourself. Amazing sausage. We speak to our waiter about lunch tomorrow and he gives ... read more
Garlic Sausage
Port Tasting No.1
Port Tasting No.2

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 12th 2009

Visita Comemorativa do 25º Aniversário do Tratado de Amizade celebrado a 11 de Abril de 1984 entre as Cidades de Bristol e Porto, pelos membros da Bristol Oporto Association É com a maior satisfação que vos enviamos algumas das muitas expressões de regozijo, e agradecimento, demonstrados por membros da Oporto Bristol Association após a recente visita ao nosso país, quando das celebrações do 25º aniversário do tratado de Amizade entre as cidades geminadas de Porto e Bristol. Dear Peter and Anabela, Sorry for the delay in writing to you but on behalf of BOA our warmest thanks for a wonderful visit. It must have taken a lot of arranging but everyone has said what a wonderful time they had and it was great to meet so many members of your Association, at the Camara, in your ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 1st 2009

So the last thing you read was that we were stranded in Barcelona airport after our flight to Madrid was delayed by 5 hours which was going to mean we were going to miss our connecting flight to Porto. A few things happened since then though. As I said I spoke to an extremely rude Ryanair staff member who informed me that Ryanair was in no way responsible for delays, missed connections or anything resembling customer service and that I had to wait until 2 hours after the scheldued departure to speak to someone in regards to compensation. Also, she couldn't tell me what that compensation would entail, apparently she wasn't allowed to tell me any information about why the flight was delayed, if it was coming at all, other flights or anything that a Ryanair ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto June 29th 2009

we got to porto on the night and managed to make our way to la ribera. we got there and we got ready to go out but found that everywhere was closed for fuck sake! we got back and taylor started to cook. we made friends with 2 old women who insisted trying to talk to us in Portuguese thinking we would understand. as usual every1 relied on me to talk! they told us the police would end up causing a fuss with us parked where we were parked because the whole area was a public transport area for taxi's, busses and trams. they ended up pinching about 5fags and a glass of port but in return they give us a glass of home made wine, 4croissant type things, 4pears and a brush to clean the ... read more

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