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Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal June 13th 2017

Madeira We have been to Madeira many times, normally at the beginning of the year so it was great to be back when some of gardens were in full bloom. The cruise is focussed on the flower festivals on the islands so it was off on a tour to see two of them. By the way as usual a half a day in each garden was not nearly enough to do the places justice. Gardens are open throughout the year and welcome visitors. Our first garden was on the Palheiro Estate known more famously as Blandys garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Madeira Island, today they form part of the Estate which includes a Hotel, Golf course, the Palheiro Village and Florialis orchid nurseries. The land first belonged to the Count of Carvalhal ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Madeira January 12th 2017

Hej Alle, Et lille billede fra ferien til Madeira, som var helt fantastisk. Savner virkelig alle de søde mennesker, den smukke natur og selvfølgelig den daglige yoga. Billedet er taget fra en af de mange skønne morgensvømmeture efter 2 timers yoga, den perfekte måde at starte dagen på. Øverst på klippen kan lige skimtes det smukke hotel, som man også kun kan drømme sig tilbage til. Knus... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal December 8th 2016

Daar gaan we weer! Het lijkt wel of we met de jaren steeds minder rust in de kont hebben. We willen wat meer reizen (als de financiën het toelaten) en strandwandelingen maken, af en toe in wat betere restaurants eten. En ook het steeds vochtiger wordende klimaat van Madeira ontlopen. Dus op naar een nieuw woongebied: de Algarve! Reizen valt hier niet mee. Zeker sinds de veerpont naar Portimão niet meer vaart. Dat is een verhaal apart trouwens, nog een lelijke erfenis van de vorige president en zijn vriendjespolitiek. Het bedrijf van een van die vriendjes opereert de veerboot van Funchal naar Porto Santo, en die wilde ook wel de verbinding van Funchal naar Portimão in handen krijgen. Dus werd het de Armas, een Spaans bedrijf dat van Spanje via Portugal en Madeira een verbinding onderhield ... read more
Zahara de los Atunes
in de villa die we gehuurd hebben
villa Tara

Europe » Portugal » Madeira November 21st 2016

An Easy Jet flight from Manchester to Madeira allowed us to escape the cold winter UK weather for 2 weeks. Our apartment in Palheiro Village, Funchal was very comfortable and well appointed, overlooking the sea with a nice balcony. A bus stop nearby gave us easy access into Funchal centre. There was a steep hill up to the Palheiro Golf Club but the reward was super views of Funchal harbour and country walks to Casa Velha and around the golf course. We had several days out "on the buses". We travelled up to Monte on bus no 22 and visited the church and the old train station. Then via bus 48 to Picos dos Barcelos with stunning views of Funchal and the mountains. In Funchal we visited Igresia de Sao Paulo a charming 16th Century church ... read more
Funchal 2
Palheiro appartments
Val with sea view

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal August 11th 2016

Waarschijnlijk hebben jullie allemaal wel iets gelezen over de branden op Madeira. Terwijl ik dit schrijf zijn er nog diverse gaande, meer naar het westen. Er hangt een soort mistige rook boven Funchal en roet en as zweven nog overal in de lucht. De brand begon als een bosbrandje, aangestoken door een pyromaan die bekend was als zodanig bij de politie. Ik zag de eerste rookpluim verschijnen in het bos boven de wijk Alegria (= geluk!), waar een vriendin van ons woont. Het was bloedheet en er stond een harde oostenwind, rechtstreeks uit de Sahara. De pyromaan moet zich in de handen gewreven hebben met dit buitenkansje. Hij is gepakt, maar je vraagt je af waarom hij niet, als bekende bij de politie, beter in de gaten gehouden werd. We waren net terug van bloedprikken voor ... read more
dinsdag in de oostelijke heuvels
donderder en donkerder
dinsdagavond vanaf het balkon

Europe » Portugal » Madeira May 9th 2016

Just a few pics pf Madeira Home tomorrow... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal April 12th 2016

Dateline: Madeira Island, Funchal, Portugal Today greets us with red tile roofs glistening in the morning sunshine all up and down the green hills of Madeira, Funchal, Portugal with high peaks and forests framing the town. We just spent 7 days at sea mostly under cloud cover with drizzle …sun peeking out to tantalize us from time to time and we’re suffering from the time changes. You’d think that just pushing the clock forward an hour a day wouldn’t be a problem… but it is ;-) We found ourselves walking the decks at 2am! Anyway…when we were about 1500 miles out from Florida, we came upon a 56’ sailboat in the midst of the Atlantic. Brave souls. Although we like to sail, the thought of crossing the Atlantic in a sailboat is quite scary ;-) Today ... read more
2. Toboganning in 75 degrees
3. Mother Church of Our Lady of Monte
4. Old Pup Friend

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal February 22nd 2016

Tuesday 23nd February, 2016. Funchal, Madeira Funchal is the largest city and capital of Portugal's Autonomous Region of Madeira. It is known as the "Floating Garden of the Atlantic" due to its profusion of flowers and fruits that flourish in its incomparable climate. The Madeira archipelago, of which Madeira is the largest of the 5 islands in the group, marked the beginning of the great voyages of the Portuguese navigators of the 15th and 16th centuries. It proved that the Atlantic was not the dangerous abyss populated by terrifying monsters as had previously been believed. Under the governorship of Zarco and Teixeira, the colonists cleared the land for agriculture by setting fire to the dense woodland. Historical accounts say that the island burned uncontrollably for between 5 and 7 years! In the 16th and 17th centuries ... read more
13.  North Coast Between São Vicente & Ponta Delgada
48.  Trout Farm at Riviera Frio
26.  Comfort Break at São Roque de Faial

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Machico December 19th 2015

Saturday 19th December, 2015. Madeira, Portugal Funchal is the capital of the Madeira Islands of Portugal and the largest city on the islands. With its neighbouring boroughts it has a population of over 150,000 inhabitants. It was founded by Joao Concalves Zarco in 1421. The city is locatedin a unique area; the natural geological geatures form an "amphitheature" surrounding the city, which begins at te harbour and rises almost 1200 metres high on gentle slopes. Funchal is so named because of the abundance of fennel found in the area. After a posh breakfast we walked into the city to a car hire place. We only wanted the car for half a day but they weren't going to strike us a reduced rate so we knocked it on the head and went to the tourist office to ... read more
28.  D at the Fake Beach in Machico
26.  M at the Fake Beach, Machico
21.  Machico

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal December 18th 2015

Friday 18th December, 2015. Madeira, Portugal We had a posh breakfast and then walked into town. We know the town fairly well, having been here several times before. We had arranged to meet Alan and Barbara outside the Cathedral at 1.00 pm. We strolled through the main street admiring the Christmas decorations and made our way to a cafe we knew well where M posted the blogs up until yesterday and D had a coffee and a Madeira cake. Aftewards we went to the produce market and had a look around before setting off to meet our friends. As it turns out only Alan made it as poor old Barbara had gone on a bender the night before and was too fragile. We spent a pleasant few hours having lunch and catching up and reminissing on ... read more
1.  D and Allan in Funchal
30.  The Christmas Lights at Funchal
7.   Girls in Christmas Dress at the Xmas Market in Funchal

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