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Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz February 27th 2019

7 years ago we made a decision which changed our lifes quite a bit. We started to build our own company int he field of natural energy systems. To be more precise, we sell solutions in the field of alternative heat generation (hot water and heating). After a tough start business in running smoother now every year and since 1 year we have a new business partner for a special segment. And this business partner has its head office in Lodz in Poland. So it was time for a business trip. We needed some training on the products and wanted to visit our partners in general. So here our first blog of a business trip. Unfortunately, I did not have enough space in the luggage to take the good camera, so sorry for simple smartphone pictures. ... read more
Manufaktura in Lodz
meeting with our polish business partner Aspol
it was cold and windy in Warsaw

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz June 22nd 2018

This years anniversary break was always going to be problematic. 🤔 We believed that James was still going to be in the midst of his GCSE's and the week was oversubscribed at work so we were limited in what we could do. The initial plan was to stay in the UK and began looking at Kent and North Wales. Amazingly everything we looked at was either booked up or very expensive so back to the drawing board then. 🤔 Next thought was to check the departure boards at East Midlands Airport for inspiration. Lodz leapt out at us - somewhere we haven't even heard of but we knew we liked Poland from previous visits. The Lodz flight was approx £30 so all good, until we realised there was a flight going to Warsaw at the same ... read more
Łodz trams
Specialist Polish Cuisine tasting

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz October 17th 2015

A wet snow fell steadily from the sky, as we walked across the tarmac at Lodz Airport. It was not what we had ordered. It was almost dark in the mid afternoon gloom. We opted for a taxi, partly due to the weather. The reconstruction of the town centre also due meant that a number of bus routes were running diversions and frankly I had no idea how to reach the hotel easily with the changes. A mere 25 Zloty fare past scenery of a faded industrial past and we were in the city centre. The most modern building we passed was the Atlas Arena - an indoor stadium that seems to specialize in playing home to heavy metal acts. The city was littered with posters advertising the imminent arrival of Deep Purple and Slash. We ... read more
Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz April 5th 2013

First step the hardest one? Welcome all to my little shack of geographic discoveries!! No matter how far, how high or how deep you strive to go, the sole fact is, every journey starts with the decision to make! And quite often, this mental act proves the greatest obstacle to overcome! I have pondered a prospect of establishing a codified statement of those little and those a bit bigger journeys of mine for some time now… Whereas travelling beyond the geographic boundaries have always been integral to my psyche, then the writing was something I shied off. Not sure why. Perhaps because I do treat sojourn as a really personal experience? Either way, I decided to give it a go. I hope history will absolve me! ;-p Thus, keep your eyes peeled, for there will be ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz August 22nd 2011

The tradition in Poland is that the Groom goes in the Wedding car to collect the bride from her parental home and they go to the church/ cathedral together, unlike England where they don’t actually see each other on the day until they meet up at the alter. As the groom’s parents we were to follow in a taxi and meet with the brides parents and carry out a few Polish traditions. We had no idea of Milena’s address in Poland so gestured to the driver to ‘ follow that car!’ The wedding car was a black and white vintage model. We set off through the busy streets of Lodz no problem until we hit the first set of lights, the wedding car sailed through and we got stuck as they turned to red. Now what? ... read more
Gary takes the bouquet to Milena
With Both Sets of Parents
Leaving for the Cathedral Together

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz August 21st 2011

I'd heard that weddings in Poland were not like the average wedding so wasn't too sure what to expect. Many of the usual traditions we have here in Britain are not standard over there but instead they have many more of their own traditions! One thing I was sure of there would be lots of vodka and lots of dancing! In actual fact Gary and Milena's wedding far surpassed all our expectations Stan, Sharon and I arrived in Lodz along with Pam and Fred (Stan's sister and husband) on the Thursday before the wedding. We were all booked into the Ibis Hotel in the centre of town in close proximity to the Cathedral and site of the reception. In a short space of time we bumped into Dave and Claire (my brother) who'd travelled all the ... read more
Friday Night Meal at the Mexicam Restaurant
Mexican Restaurant
Entrance to the Jewish Cemetry

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz August 25th 2009

We travelled to Łódź because we wanted to see a smaller city in Poland. I also couldn't miss Łódź because it is David Lynch's favorite city, there is an active modern art scene, strong film roots, a Hollywood style walk of fame, old looming textile factories and so much more. I also will say that Łódź has the most helpful tourist office on our trip so far. We loved it! We also learned about this Łódź native. Check him out at... read more

Europe » Poland » Lódz Province » Lódz June 30th 2008

Time well spent with relatives. Longest cafe, shopping street in Poland, Piotrowska Street. Holds large Jewish memorial as most of Europes Jews in WWII were transported to the Lodz Ghetto before being packed onto the cattle cars bound for Aushwitz. Sunday 29th was the 30th anniversary mass for Barbara's mother in a 12th century church in Zarnow the place she is laid to rest. Here also in the cemetery are buried Barbara's grandfather and his two brothers (along with whole families who were gunned down during daily life in WWII). ... read more
Holiday home
The Cemetery

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