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April 5th 2013
Published: April 5th 2013
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First step the hardest one?

Welcome all to my little shack of geographic discoveries!! No matter how far, how high or how deep you strive to go, the sole fact is, every journey starts with the decision to make! And quite often, this mental act proves the greatest obstacle to overcome!

I have pondered a prospect of establishing a codified statement of those little and those a bit bigger journeys of mine for some time now… Whereas travelling beyond the geographic boundaries have always been integral to my psyche, then the writing was something I shied off. Not sure why. Perhaps because I do treat sojourn as a really personal experience? Either way, I decided to give it a go. I hope history will absolve me! ;-p

Thus, keep your eyes peeled, for there will be a bit of chaos, plenty of laughs, a fine dose of interesting facts, and, yes – some photos!! Not only do I hope this little endeavour will entertain you, but will also make you ask some questions about the World we live in.




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