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Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Zawoja March 15th 2015

There are many great skiing downhill tracks in Poland. Today I would like to present you one of my favorite: This time let’s visit Zawoja, just 65 km driving from Kraków. Read more>>>... read more
Skiing downhill in Poland - Zawoja 02
Skiing downhill in Poland - Zawoja 03
Skiing downhill in Poland - Zawoja 04

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Auschwitz March 6th 2015

Here are the pictures that I took on my visit to Auschwitz. While there, it was a struggle to try and judge what is and what isn't photo appropriate. There are places where pictures are forbidden and any decent human being would respect that wish. These pictures cannot even begin to do justice to what actually happened there and the emotions a person will feel walking those hallowed grounds.... read more
"Arbeit Macht Frei"

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland March 4th 2015

What happened to winter, which is like an unfulfilled promise in Poland this year? I still remember one of the last winter season when we couldn’t get out of snow still in late April. But this year it's a kind of misunderstanding. See more here>>>... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków March 4th 2015

Here are pictures from Krakow inlcuding the Jewish Quarter, Kazimierz, the former Jewish ghetto and pictures from Oscar Schindler's factory that is now a museum.... read more
Cloth Hall

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków February 27th 2015

My final weekend of my travels during my midterm break was to Krakow Poland. This served as a good home base to get out to Auschwitz and it is a beautiful city. Poland has long been a very religious place, especially Catholic, and walking through Krakow it is evident. Everywhere I looked there was a church. This is all helped by the fact that Pope John Paul II was Polish and attended school in Krakow and would later become its Archbishop. On my first real day in Krakow, I took a free walking tour of the Old City and our guide told us that 95% of Poles consider themselves Catholic and about 60% attend church regularly. By far the largest percentages in Europe. My walking tour on my first day started out on the main market ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków February 17th 2015

Out of all the places that I have been in my life, there is one place that I never really had much desire to go to; and that is Poland. However, after spending a few days there in February, my opinion of Poland has changed a lot. I really enjoyed it. As we had been in Budapest before Krakow, we had to take the night train from Hungary to Poland. We all had these childish fantasies of staying up all night on the train playing cards and rough-housing. When we stepped into our room which was about 5 foot wide and 6.5 foot high, we realised that we were not going to be doing this. All six of us were in this tiny little room, and cramped is an understatement. We all had our luggage with ... read more
Salt Mine
Krakow by night.

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków February 1st 2015

Many cities have extraordinary legends but Krakow is special, it has magical tales about its history. The history is everywhere, you can touch it every corner around you when you walk in this medievel city that brings you back in time. I love Poland, I was in many interesting places in the country but I especially love Krakow - its magic and lovely atmoshpere attract me all the time. I am so lucky, I visitied Krakow three times - and on every occassion I felt I got closer and closer to the secret of Krakow. It happened approximately 3,5 years ago in summer when we had a wonderful week in Krakow. It was a family trip actually with my husband, Zoli and my brothers, Csabi and Ricsi. It was great being together in this magnificant city ... read more
Kép 024
Kép 240
Kép 253

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków January 28th 2015

Last Sunday was great! Winter attacked finally and everything became white. I decided to go for a short trip to catch some snow. Instead of going to downtown as usually, I turned out of the city driving to Tyniec: More at: read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland January 23rd 2015

Winter is coming! Recalling my memories from last skiing season I made this short post and video just to give you a little of Polish snow taste: See more at: read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Wadowice January 23rd 2015

Welcome to Wadowice, a birthplace of John Paul II. Not even an hour driving from Krakow. This beautiful town will amaze you with its atmosphere . Do not forget to visit Museum of John Paul II and try a famous cake "kremówka" (a fondant), served at each cafe and confectionery there. Check out for more at: read more

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