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March 20th 2017
Published: March 20th 2017
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Wonderful View.Wonderful View.Wonderful View.

The work in progress of the apartment complex.
Hi All. It has been cold and there has been a bit of snow about and thats what we expected. We are having a fairly relaxing time, with a bit of walking by me and a bit of shopping by Di. Enjoying the kids immensely and it's great to just catch up with them, Chris and Hege. On Friday we were invited to Chris and Hege's nephew Sebastians birthday party. So nice to be included in this. Had a great night and Sebastian certainly enjoyed himself.

Saturday was a lovely day so we decided to drive up to Voss Ski Resort to inspect the apartment that Chris and Hege have bought in a complex which is due for completion in October. Fabulous views and it sounds like the finished product will be great. They, and us, love this area and as it's not a big drive to get there, they have decided that it is something they will utilise often, winter and summer. We are most impressed with what we have seen and as it is only about 50mtrs from one of the ski slopes it will be fantastic. We went to the slopes for them all to have some
So Close.So Close.So Close.

Not far to go to get onto one of the slopes.
skiing and for us to sit and have food and drink. Just love the mountain atmosphere, watching every one and enjoying the views over the lakes and fields. We think it will be a great asset for their leisure times. I especially enjoyed the drive up there as I have been up there a number of times and it is a lovely drive. The bonus this time was that you see so much more due to the trees having no leaves, so the rivers, lakes, house's, fields and mountains are far more visible, where during summer you sometimes only get a glimpse. A magic day.

Sunday was a lazy morning then Chris decided that he and I should go fishing. So off we go in all our wet weather and warm clothing, drive though thick snow and arrive at Matre were we have been quite often before. It is very early in the season so expectations were not overly high, but I think that Chris needed a fishing fix. When we got out of the car I decided that I was a sook and would get more pleasure just watching Chris fish while I stayed dry and warm just
The Apartments.The Apartments.The Apartments.

Hege strolling along the front of the complex.
walking the banks and watching. The action was very slow, one small pollock for nearly 3 hours fishing, but I actually really enjoyed myself just looking at the scenery, which is great, watching Chris and walking. It was a first for me going fishing in the snow. It snowed the whole time we were there although it didn't settle. Chris got his fix which may carry him through to the warmer weather. The drive there and back was spectacular even if I couldn't see some of the time due to the snow. Another magic day. Pip/Rod

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Artists Impression.Artists Impression.
Artists Impression.

This is what the finished product will be like.
All Ready To Go.All Ready To Go.
All Ready To Go.

The family off to the slopes.
Up, Up and Away.Up, Up and Away.
Up, Up and Away.

Hege, Stella and Chris on the chair lift. Lilly was in front with some friends.

With her constant companion, her iPad. Even in the snow.
Well, I Think It's Cold.Well, I Think It's Cold.
Well, I Think It's Cold.

Chris wondering why I'm not fishing.
See, It Is Cold.See, It Is Cold.
See, It Is Cold.

Because it's snowing.
Fish On.  Fish On.
Fish On.

Just a small pollock. Oh well. It was least something.
Time To Go?Time To Go?
Time To Go?

Don't you feel the cold?

20th March 2017

Enjoying Norway...
Having walked the Camino de Santiago last year, I plan to walk the St. Olavsleden this summer walking from the Swedish border to Trondheim. You mentioned that you were interested in the Camino and thought I would let you know that there is also one in Norway.

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