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July 28th 2014
Published: July 28th 2014
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Out with the Old. In with the New.Out with the Old. In with the New.Out with the Old. In with the New.

A sad farewell to my old sandals which only cost $32 and lasted for 5 years of amazing adventures throughout the world. Mud, salt water,heat,steep hills, rivers, wind blown dust and dirt, even shopping, and lots and lots of miles of walking. Boo Hoo!!! You served me well.
Well. We are most impressed with Stavanger and the trip down was great. Seeing new country and having to catch the ferries. Travel is so easy now with all of us being able to go in one car as Chris and Hege have a new Nissen Qashqai 7 seater. So good to be able to travel together. While there we looked at a lot of sights and and the old town was very nice with the water front. Some shopping was done{isn't it always}. A visit to an Animal farm with a huge play area attached were the girls especially loved the horse riding, flying fox and the hay jumping. A good way to spend 3 to 4 hours walking around the grounds and playing. A very well kept place with heaps to do. A lot of the time was spent at some of Stavangers beautiful beaches. The weather remains very very hot { in the late 20's up to 35c } so swimming was a must. We had the use of Thomas and Anna Lene's house while there which is a lovely house, very peaceful and so nice to have the home comforts. Stavanger is very different from Bergen and
Lilly's 7th Birthday.Lilly's 7th Birthday.Lilly's 7th Birthday.

Lilly opens parcels with the help of her friends.
has a lot of flat land with a huge amount of agriculture. It is one of the main centers for Norway's oil industry. A very pretty area and we enjoyed seeing a different style of Norway. Back home in Bergen we have continued having to spend time at beaches and watering the garden. This period of weather is just fantastic. But. Not for fishing as there is not a lot of water in the rivers. Chris and I have spent only one day fishing but will get in another couple of days before Di and I leave here. I have to increase my out put of blogs as I am getting a bit behind but sometimes have trouble getting the time to do them. Will catch you all in a few days. Pip/Rod

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Food time.Food time.
Food time.

Well, the eating went well, lets play.

Jumping in the bubbles.
Aim.  Fire.Aim.  Fire.
Aim. Fire.

Boys will be boys. A large shanghai that fires water bombs. One of Chris's favorite toys. It goes for miles.
Go on. Jump.Go on. Jump.
Go on. Jump.

Chris waits for Lilly to summon up courage to jump down at the local beach.

Lilly in full flight. Once she had done it there was no stopping her.
Walking on Water.Walking on Water.
Walking on Water.

Chris does a good impression of walking on water.
If I can. You can.It's not cold.If I can. You can.It's not cold.
If I can. You can.It's not cold.

Lilly encourages Runa to dive in.
A Pie for our Travels.A Pie for our Travels.
A Pie for our Travels.

Lilly and Stella help Di produce a bacon and egg pie for our trip to Stavanger.

Di was happy and Chris and I were certainly happy to eats it.
Ferry Rides.Ferry Rides.
Ferry Rides.

Waiting for the ferry on the way to Stavanger.
Pancakes and Coffee.Pancakes and Coffee.
Pancakes and Coffee.

A lovely cafe and some nice food.

Di and Lilly meet one of the locals.
Olberg Beach.Olberg Beach.
Olberg Beach.

An afternoon at the beach. Beautiful.
Here. Catch.Here. Catch.
Here. Catch.

Lilly throws Chris the ball.
Let me try.Let me try.
Let me try.

Stella prepares to throw.
I'm Flying.I'm Flying.
I'm Flying.

The kids enjoy the Flying Fox
Wagons Roll.Wagons Roll.
Wagons Roll.

The best way to transport kids and bags.
Watch me.Watch me.
Watch me.

Lilly preparing to throw herself into a deep hole filled with hay.
Cool TimeCool Time
Cool Time

So hot the best place to be was in the water.

28th July 2014
Out with the Old. In with the New.

I love the photos of shoes that have toured the world....they have so many stories to tell.

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