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July 16th 2014
Published: July 16th 2014
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Heaps of luggage leaving Spain.Heaps of luggage leaving Spain.Heaps of luggage leaving Spain.

Hege with one of the trollies of luggage. I had another so there was plenty to push around.
Hot!!!! Very very Hot!!!!! We have been in Bergen now for over a week and the weather during that time has been absolutly fantastic with very little breeze to cool things down. Since being home here we have had a couple of trips into town for shopping and a few walks and also have been able to lend a hand helping Chris and Hege to do some landscaping down on the bottom lawn. Also keeping Lilly occupied as she is still on school holidays. Last Friday night we all spent out at the cabin with Rune and Lillen and as the weather was so hot we spent a lot of time in the water. It is always so nice out there, the piece and quite and the scenery just lends itself to relaxing. Went out fishing into the north sea, in the evening and then on Saturday we all went down the fiord by boat to a village with a coffee shop and then kept going until we had completely gone around the large island that the cabin is on. Sunday was Lillys birthday celebration here at home in Bergen, with friends and their parents coming for the afternoon. It is
A Royal Tea Party.A Royal Tea Party.A Royal Tea Party.

Lilly decided when we got home that she would have a few of her princess's and prince's to have a tea party with Nana.
always special for us to be here for Lilly or Stellas birthdays. We are so enjoying the catch up time with the kids and they grow so fast and develop so much in the time that we don't see them. Stella at 3 is quite the character and has a very good sense of humor. Lilly of course is going into her 2nd year at school and is quite the young lady, already very fashion conscious. Her english is very good and it certainly helps when Nana and Pops are struggling to explain some thing to some one when we are out and about. Today, Wednesday the rain has come but only for a day, then it is meant to return to fine and hot. Every one has been enjoying the weather and keep telling us that this is the longest spell they have had for years. On Friday we go to Stavanger for a few days. It is about a 3 to 4 hour drive with a couple of ferry crossings included . New country for us so looking forward to it. Hope all is well with every one who reads this. Pip/Rod

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Trying to look helpful.Trying to look helpful.
Trying to look helpful.

Chris and I discuss how to do the landscaping. It was so hot that we had to this in the long evenings. Remember it is still light at 11pm.
Looking Good.Looking Good.
Looking Good.

A team effort with Chris and Hege doing the heavy lifts and me spreading fill.
Well  Deserved Rest.Well  Deserved Rest.
Well Deserved Rest.

Completed and furniture in place. It really did make a huge difference to the area beside the playhouse and it is a great place to relax.
I'm a Troll; yes a Troll.I'm a Troll; yes a Troll.
I'm a Troll; yes a Troll.

Lilly climbs all over the Troll at the top of the cable car which goes up Mt Floen.
Discussions. Discussions.

Di and Lilly seem to spend a lot of time discussing various things. Here it may be about wether it is time for an ice cream.
Great Day.Great Day.
Great Day.

The view from up the top of the cable car when Di Lilly and I were up there was very clear on this beautiful day.
Cooling Time.Cooling Time.
Cooling Time.

Out at the cabin it was so hot we had to go down to the water to cool off.
Floating Away.Floating Away.
Floating Away.

Very refreshing and magic.
Out Fishing.Out Fishing.
Out Fishing.

Chris relaxes while Lilly holds the rod.

Chris and Lilly show of a big Pollock. Quite a few pollock and mackerel caught and a lot of fun.
Whizzing AlongWhizzing Along
Whizzing Along

Rune and I enjoy the evening.
Clean up TimeClean up Time
Clean up Time

Rune does the clean up and I just watch.
Dinner Time.Dinner Time.
Dinner Time.

Another beautiful meal on another beautiful evening. Way in the back ground you can see one of the numerous cruise ships leaving Bergen. Some times there are more than 4 in on one day.
Lets Go for a Coffee.Lets Go for a Coffee.
Lets Go for a Coffee.

But we go by boat and whizz down one of the fiords to a village. Hege, Stella Lilly{ leaning over the front} Rune and Lillen.
Do I need this?  No!!!Do I need this?  No!!!
Do I need this? No!!!

But I just couldn't resist a picklet and jam. Neat setting.
Nice Day.Nice Day.
Nice Day.

Very relaxing.
There Must be Something to Net.There Must be Something to Net.
There Must be Something to Net.

Rune and Lilly looking for a bit of action with their nets.
Soaking Up the Sun.Soaking Up the Sun.
Soaking Up the Sun.

Hege Di and Lillen sit on the beach and talk.
Happy Birthday.Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday.

Lilly looks and is tempted by the cake Hege made for her party.

16th July 2014
Heaps of luggage leaving Spain.

Glad to see you traveling light. :)
20th July 2014

Its a cold and very blowy Southerly today. So keep on enjoying it all. Our love as always!

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