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July 9th 2014
Published: July 9th 2014
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The Safari Park.The Safari Park.The Safari Park.

Stella is all set to go.
Hello all. We have now left Spain and flew to Bergen with Chris, Hege and the kids late Monday night. So Spain is finished and our 4 weeks in Bergen begins. Spain was fantastic in all ways, apart from the fact that I caught a tummy bug which shot me down for 3 days, but all is well and thats what happens. We spent most of the time at the beach, pool or wondering the towns, but also visiting a Safari Park and a fantastic water park called Aqualandia Benidorm. The safari park was interesting with all sorts of animals and we were driven around this on trailers towed by 4 wheel drives. We managed to hand feed giraffes and Lilly rode a camel. The water park I missed due to being stuck at home unwell, but I am told it is unbelievable. It covers a huge area and has so many different types of water slides, gentle, wild, long and short, set in nice pools and country. I am peeved that I missed it although I don't think I would have done the extreme one that Chris did. We got to know Alicanti much better and while some of it
Snake time.Snake time.Snake time.

Lilly sits calmly and lets a snake slither around her neck.
is a bit messy, the old town and the water front is great. A fantastic marina and some magic little streets with interesting shops and restaurants. A fort overlooks all of this and is quite impressive looking up at it. Perhaps one day i may find the energy to walk up to it.

I did mean to put a blog out before I left NZ about a visit that Martin and I did to the 3 farmers and families that were on Therapy with us in 2012. Great day catching up with everyone, having a great lunch and having a quick look at the farm which is a long way out toward the coast in the North Wairarapa. Robert and Bruce of course joined us again on Therapy last year. We will catch up again when I'm back in NZ.

So to Norway and we have arrived with wonderful weather so will hopefully not lose to much of my tan. Pip/Rod

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Feed Time.Feed Time.
Feed Time.

Don't you just love peanuts.
More Peanuts Please.More Peanuts Please.
More Peanuts Please.

I even feed them.
Hi Ho Silver.Hi Ho Silver.
Hi Ho Silver.

Stella is just lacking a 10 gallon hat.
Way up highWay up high
Way up high

Lilly gets a ride.

Chicken Paella at a great restaurant on the water front.

At another restaurant with a prawn entree.
Lilly's Birthday.Lilly's Birthday.
Lilly's Birthday.

So Lilly turns 7 and starts the day with heaps of presents. Stella and Sebastian watch on.
Little Sophia.Little Sophia.
Little Sophia.

Just loving the water surrounded by elephants.
A Race Track slide.A Race Track slide.
A Race Track slide.

So many varieties.
Another selectionAnother selection
Another selection

Nice settings.
Another Success.Another Success.
Another Success.

Hege and Stella survive a big splash down.
The Race is On.The Race is On.
The Race is On.

Chris in the 2nd lane lagging behind.
A Bit of Extreme.A Bit of Extreme.
A Bit of Extreme.

Chris rockets down this slide.
Another Restaurant.Another Restaurant.
Another Restaurant.

In Alicanti at the Marina.
Beautiful Evening.Beautiful Evening.
Beautiful Evening.

Rune and the family relax after dinner.
An Old Pirate Ship.An Old Pirate Ship.
An Old Pirate Ship.

They say it was the biggest pirate ship to sail. The Fort is on the hill behind.
The Fort.The Fort.
The Fort.

This looks out over Alicanti and the coast.
A Beautiful CarouselA Beautiful Carousel
A Beautiful Carousel

The kids loved it.
Are We Happy.Are We Happy.
Are We Happy.

Four Beautiful girls enjoying a magic ride.
Magic Evening.Magic Evening.
Magic Evening.

A nostalgic look at a marina.
Get Together.Get Together.
Get Together.

Out at the farm. Great to catch up. Robert, Bruce, Self, Martin and Ross.
Pakowai. Pakowai.

Farm Name.

A lovely area and a great visit.
It Goes Way Over There.It Goes Way Over There.
It Goes Way Over There.

Up the hill looking over the farm which goes on for ever.

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