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August 1st 2014
Published: August 1st 2014
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Keeping CoolKeeping CoolKeeping Cool

A small beach near home which the kids love. Lillen,Sebastian, Stella,Hege and Chris cooling down.
So. Is this all just part of Global warming or is it just the way this summer is. Bergen and surrounds has been experiencing the most amazing and record breaking summer. So what to do? Go to the beach, sit in the kids paddling pool, soak up the sun and sleep with no covers on. I am sure that there is some negativity out there to go with this hot stuff but we are making the most of it, as are all in Norway. We got back from Scavenger which was great and Chris and I went for a days fishing to a place called Hoyanger, were a very good river flows down and enters a fiord. A 3 hour drive with ferries involved, but boy, was it beautiful and so calm and sunny. We saw dolphins and some lovely villages. There is of course a problem with this hot, no rain, weather as far as fishing is concerned, so needless to say I continued my {no bloody salmon} routine and Chris didn't get any as well. One more chance on Saturday to break my duck. After this we spent days at the beach and not doing to much. Then up
Picnic time.  Picnic time.  Picnic time.

Family time at the beach.
to a place called Voss, about an hour away, which is an extreme sport centre for Norway with skiing, kayaking, white water rafting, hang gliding etc. We have been through there before but never had the chance to look around properly. So I will fill you in on the next blog. Also the "Tall Ships" were in town. An amazing race with sail ships and a fantastic event to witness. So, when reading the blog over the next few days, just check to see if I have written another one before the one that comes up. Happy days, but sad also, as we leave Chris, Hege, Lilly and Stella on Monday. More later. Pip/Rod.

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Evening meal.Evening meal.
Evening meal.

Enjoying the late sun and a meal on the deck.
Cooling Down.Cooling Down.
Cooling Down.

Even adults have to use the paddling pool to cool down.
New Car, fantastic location.New Car, fantastic location.
New Car, fantastic location.

Chris and I stopped here on the way to fish as it was so spectacular. The new car is great and the kids love it.
River at Hoyanger.River at Hoyanger.
River at Hoyanger.

Chris searching for a fish at the bottom pool of the River
Fishing.  Fishing.

What a beautiful place and setting. A great day but only a couple of fish seen and none caught. But it was magic to be there.
Who's This.Who's This.
Who's This.

Lilly enjoys entertaining parents, Grandparents, and all in sundry. The wig came from the markets and she kept it on most of the day.
A Pensive Chris.A Pensive Chris.
A Pensive Chris.

He may well be wondering, what is she going to be like when she's older. A lovely restaurant called Usf Verftet, in a great setting where we all went for lunch.
Great Company and so WelcomingGreat Company and so Welcoming
Great Company and so Welcoming

Rune and Lillen at the restaurant.
No Fear.No Fear.
No Fear.

Lilly jumps, Nana screams, Lilly swims to the side, climbs up and does it again. And again, And again.
Nana Nap.Nana Nap.
Nana Nap.

Di and Lilly take a nap after a hectic day.
Lillens Birthday.Lillens Birthday.
Lillens Birthday.

Lilly and Stella join Lillen in celebrating her birthday.
Singing in the Rain.Singing in the Rain.
Singing in the Rain.

Lilly imitates Gene Kelly and his Singing in the Rain while it was pouring out on Rune's deck.
Whats Next.Whats Next.
Whats Next.

Stella waiting on food.
Fish Soup.Fish Soup.
Fish Soup.

Lillen knows I love sea food so fish soup is served often.
Salmon. Salmon.

And then comes salmon. I just love it. A magic evening.
This is to Die For.This is to Die For.
This is to Die For.

Lillens cake which is called "The Woulds Best Cake". I won't argue.
The End of Another Wonderful Day.The End of Another Wonderful Day.
The End of Another Wonderful Day.

Sunset from Chris's place.

1st August 2014
Fish Soup.

That looks great.

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