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July 9th 2018
Published: July 11th 2018
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Lofton ApproachLofton ApproachLofton Approach

Still several miles out.
We are now above 68 degrees latitude, and the temp is reflecting the change. Recall our bragging about the pleasant seventies in the large cities. At that time we too laughed at our folly over bringing jackets and sock caps. No more, we are some smart folks to bring them. Its cold and windy here. Temps in mid fifties and sometimes windy. No not like Iceland, but still windy. And this is the middle of summer! What's the temp where you are?

These are the islands of craggy sharp mountains. There is some grass farming here, but not like we saw at the lower latitudes where folks bailed their back yards. Growing season is shorter even for grass. Yet, there are sheep and even some cows, but no horses have we seen. We are sure the sheep and cows curse their owners during December and January for bringing them here. To think people eked out a living here before the twentieth century is amazing. Cod is why people lived in the Islands, and cod fishing continues to be exceedingly important. The catch occurs between January (burr) and April with a peak in March (still very, very cold).

We spent
Lofton ApproachLofton ApproachLofton Approach

Little closer.
the three days traveling from one fishing village to another. Many of the shots are similar, so we will not have much comment (lucky for you).

Tomorrow we leave Norway (very sad) and return to Sweden (yet Sweden is good) via the IceHotel. Perhaps you have heard of the place. A hotel is constructed from ice each winter, including sculptures, beds (but of course folks sleep on ice), etc. In the summer extensive solar panels are used (recall this is way north so lot of sunlight) to keep a portion frozen. We will visit that part. Arrive at Stockholm on Saturday, lose our trusty Volvo, and board an overnight ferry for Tallin, Estonia. After sailing across the north Baltic Sea we land on Sunday-in time for the finals of the World Cup. Likely, the next post will come from Tallin..

Additional photos below
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Lofton ApproachLofton Approach
Lofton Approach

Very close.
Reflecting PoolReflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool

Drove off the ferry and started clicking.
Fishermen Houses (Rorbu)Fishermen Houses (Rorbu)
Fishermen Houses (Rorbu)

Folks who come in the winter for the cod live in these houses. Some are rented during the summer to folks like us. Look to the extreme left, just above the house. Those are drying racks. Explain later.
Fishing VillageFishing Village
Fishing Village

Nothing to add.
Drying RacksDrying Racks
Drying Racks

When the cod are harvested in the winter and early spring, they are hung from these racks to dry. On this one some of the heads remain.
Chieftain's House (221 feet)Chieftain's House (221 feet)
Chieftain's House (221 feet)

About the time the Western Roman Empire was falling, a chieftain built a house here. It was discovered by a farmer tilling his land during the 1980's (yes, they grow a few root vegetables). This is a replication based upon the foundation and other remains.
Bird on Her 46thBird on Her 46th
Bird on Her 46th

Bird out to eat to celebrate her 46th anniversary (July 10). Don't you think she deserves three cheers (probably more) for tolerating that useless HP for so long?
Guess WhatGuess What
Guess What

Correct, another fishing village.
From Our ApartmentFrom Our Apartment
From Our Apartment

Yeah, not a great picture; took it from our apartment. There are not a lot of bad views here.
Fishing village from the top of the rocksFishing village from the top of the rocks
Fishing village from the top of the rocks

Not many pictures of them left, however.

Lot of mountains about Lofton.
Last VillageLast Village
Last Village

Congratulations, you successfully endured every village.
Cod DryingCod Drying
Cod Drying

Driving through the village on the previous picture, we captured the cod drying at some person's house.
Up, Up and AwayUp, Up and Away
Up, Up and Away

Went on a flight a little before 8pm for a couple of images. This is the first. Haze in the air departed late this afternoon so pictures clearer. Nice if it occurred a couple of days earlier. Oh well.
Second ImageSecond Image
Second Image

We are just under 1/4 mile up.

11th July 2018

Happy 46th
Happy, happy, happy 46th .and what a beautiful exciting way to celebrate...this trip looks fascinating...enjoy the jackets and cool is 97 degrees in central Georgis

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