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July 15th 2018
Published: July 15th 2018
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Rudolph is the second from the right. These guys think the road is theirs. Wouldn't move. Yes, they are reindeer!
Since we last chatted with you folks, the wanderers have accomplished a bit of traveling. From the Lofton Islands, through almost the entirety of Sweden to losing our wonderful car and boarding a ferry in Stockholm with a Tallin destination. We'll show you some shots along the way.

Our fright at not seeing Rudolph above the Artic Circle in Norway has been assuaged. We spied not only Rudolph, but Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and others in Lappland (Sweden). We had always heard of the area and expected something exotic. Well no; have you ever been to south Georgia? If so, you have a good representation of Lappland. From there we continued south until arriving at the IceHotel. It was okay.

The roads we traveled in Sweden were a tad varied. There were a couple of times up north the E road actually became gravel. Yes, gravel. We assume construction was in the offing, but we were unable to discover evidence. Further south the E road more resembled what we expected, limited access four lane. In fact closer to Stockholm the speed limit increased to 120kph (about 76mph), and we observed a number of Swedes giving their best approximation of a
Bird at the IceHotelBird at the IceHotelBird at the IceHotel

One of the common rooms in the hotel.
German on an unlimited Autobahn. Although we are sure it will come as a surprise, we exceeded the speed limit but only some. By contrast, many Swedes were flying past us.

As this is being composed we have spent the night on our ferry to Tallin and should arrive in about ninety minutes. Hope to send some Tallin pictures next.

Additional photos below
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Bedrooms are off this hall.
Representative BedroomRepresentative Bedroom
Representative Bedroom

Yes, some someone will sleep on this bed of ice. Of course we are dumb but not that dumb-it was cold in there. Temp is -5C.
IceHotel GuestsIceHotel Guests
IceHotel Guests

These are guests just outside the hotel during a sane moment. It was actually quite warm after we left Norway and the moderating influence of the Gulf Stream. We assume inland Sweden is colder than Norway in winter and hotter in summer.
Artic CircleArtic Circle
Artic Circle

Continuing south from the IceHotel we stopped at the artic circle marker.
South Georgia?South Georgia?
South Georgia?

View out the front door of our lodging in Lappland. Told you it could pass for South Georgia. Correct, we only stay in places with the best views, like this one.
More Jumps for M-2More Jumps for M-2
More Jumps for M-2

Hey M-2, these two jumps are downtown in a city in Sweden.

Spent Friday night in Uppsala, Sweden eating outside at a British Pub. About every tenth vehicle was an old American car like this one out cruising. HP was able to recall the year of the Chevys and most Fords, not so good with Dodge and Cadillac. Uppsala was really cute, better than we expected.
Uppsala CathedralUppsala Cathedral
Uppsala Cathedral

This is a church on a grand scale like can be seen in major cities further south in Europe. During the 16th Century, Sweden was quite powerful thus able to afford this building.

Inside the cathedral.
Aboard FerryAboard Ferry
Aboard Ferry

We are departing Stockholm for Tallin on an overnight ferry when we took a shot of Stockholm's Gamla Stan (Old Town).
With Our ApologiesWith Our Apologies
With Our Apologies

We know most of you do not know a man called Mike Smith. Fortunate for you. Here he is during his younger days sitting on the top deck of the ferry. Feel sorry for Sweden.
On a More Pleasant NoteOn a More Pleasant Note
On a More Pleasant Note

In an effort to atone for the previous picture, we share this one of Swedes sunning themselves on a sunny Saturday. Notice folks are not in the water. Guess why.
Summer HomeSummer Home
Summer Home

There is an extensive archipelago to the northeast of Stockholm where numerous towns are found on the larger islands; on the smaller ones, summer homes.

The ferry makes a brief stop at Mariehamm, Aland in order to qualify for tax free sales. This island nation is half way between Sweden and Finland and has tax free status within the EU. This picture was taken on our approach. There were a ton of islets.
Closer in to MariehammCloser in to Mariehamm
Closer in to Mariehamm

Sailboat and setting sun. Only 11pm, sun now setting early.

We docked on the right.

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