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Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Hammerfest July 25th 2015

We arrived in Hammerfest this morning at 6:00am, earlier then planned as our next stop is Murmansk in Russia. Yesterday we were advised that in Murmansk they are holding a naval parade and if we are not in the harbour before 6:00am tomorrow we will not be allowed to enter. We are not sure what this parade involves, whether we will see it, whether it will mess up our tour plans, or what. It could be a fun day. As everything had been bought forward we had to leave the ship at 7:30am if we wanted to do or see things in Hammerfest. It is a really lovely small town and they claim to be the northern most city in the world. However Honniingsvâg disputes this as they are further north but they do not have ... read more
The building for the tourist with toilets and where the tasting of reindeer meat and cloud berries takes place.
The replica house showing Sami life.
Father, a reindeer herder.

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Hammerfest June 15th 2015

NORVEGE 6 – Skarvag à HamMerfest.... - NORRUEGA 6 : Skarvag à Hammerfest texte en français après l'espagnol... Nos cuesta irnos de la peninsula donde se encuentra el Cabo Norte pero algun dia abra que hacerlo... Todavia cruzamos gente divertida que van a Cabo norte como estos tractores que vinieron desde Alemania... Hoy nos vamos hacia Hammerfest que es una ciudad mas grande que los pueblos que visitamos ultimamente. Dicen que es la ciudad la mas septentrional del mundo... Hay industrias aqui ya que tienen petroleo y gas... Antes estaba aqui la industria de Findus que son productos alimenticios surgelados. Se han ido ya hace diez años... Sin embargo siguen con produccion ya que en los supermecados (ya que todavia no encontramos ni una carniceria, ni una pescaderia.. y realmente panaderia es muy raro!!!) asi que ... read more
retour du Cap Nord
tracteurs allemands se rendant au Cap Nord
les routes que nous parcourons

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Hammerfest July 30th 2014

Hammerfest, northern Norway 30 July 2014 After leaving Nordkapp, we drove south and then turned off up to Hammerfest. The polar bear is on the town's coat of arms which recalls to towns hunting and trapping days. The town settled in the 9th century but wasn't given town status until 1798. It is the world's most northerly town at 70o 39' 48" N. as recorded on the Meridian Pillar which marks the 1st international measurement of the Earth in the 19th Century The town has had a rough history. it was destroyed by a hurricane in 1856, and was razed to the ground in WW2. It was however, the 1st town in Europe to install electric street lights (1890). Today the town is expanding, with many 4-5 story accommodation buildings being constricted. The Hurtigruten cruise comes ... read more
Polar bear is emblem of Hammerfest in northern Norway
Hammerfest Church in northern Norway (2)
Hammerfest Church in northern Norway (1)

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Hammerfest July 5th 2006

Geo: 70.3533, 23.6751Slept until brunch at 11am, then went back to sleep as there is not much to do in Hammerfest at all. Got up mid arvo and sat around in the cabin chatting to Anita and Bridget. Anita and I went for a pre-dinner walk to find reindeer, after 15 minutes we turned back with no sighting. Then saw 4, watched them for a while before going to dinner. After dinner the rest of the group went into town to watch soccer, I wasn't interested, have watched enough soccer to last me until the next world cup. Instead I went for a 45 minute walk to find reindeer, didn't see any. Went back to the cabin and began packing my stuff which had spread out over two beds and the coffee table.... read more
02 Hammerfest
03 Reindeer
04 Reindeer

Europe » Norway » Northern Norway » Hammerfest July 4th 2006

Geo: 70.3533, 23.6751Today is our last day of driving north. After our first service stop we were allowed to watch a video- yeah! The videos have to be rationed as we have only 5 and many drive days to go. Watched Austin Power- International Man of Mystery. Spent the next few hours reading and sleeping. Then it was time for another Viking Olympics challenge. This one was a quiz- all about Kosta (he was unaware of it unit it started). Nat and Tim had no idea of the answers. I knew most of the them because I sat up the front of the bus and joined in the conversations. My team scored the lowest- must have slept a bit too much and missed vital answers! The quiz killed a bit of time. Finally arrived in Hammerfest. ... read more
02 More mountains
03 Sun rays
04 I'm so excited

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