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June 8th 2002
Published: December 18th 2005
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Well, a year later here I am back in Norway. After last time, I really wanted to return, see more sights and of course see more A-Ha!
So I headed back to Oslo - different hotel, different season, but same old me!
June was so warm in Norway, leaving the rain back in London didn't bother me atall!

Our hotel this time was in the town itself, next to some bars and a seven elven - I shall find one everywhere I go!
We met Emma and Steve again, and agreed to meet up the next day for the Afternoon High concert at Ullevaal Stadion. - We decided to meet in the evening, skipping the suport acts and hold out for A-Ha only!
We spent our first night in Oslo checking some old places before .. the trams surprised me! We also went to the Harbour, and a few shops .. we ate outside, it was totally busy, even at 3am in the morning!
The next day we spent at the harbour again. It was so relaxing, something we felt we needed before the big show :D We took lots of photos, nearly visited a museum, but couldn't find our way in, and counted how many fish we could see! *don't ask!*

We returned to our hotel in the afternoon, packed our lunch and left for Ullevaal.
The train journey was pretty easy - maybe because Mark was doing the directing - we found a station called Morten .. if you are an A-Ha fan you'll know what I mean :D
Standing outside the stadion, we spotted Camilla, Jakob, Jonathon and Tomine .. Jakob gave us a lil wave, and my friend narly fainted 0.o
The stadion itself was packed .. everyone was in good spirits and we somehow made it to the front!
Finally A-Ha came on, the new songs were amazing and we couldn't wait to get the new album!
Towards the end we stood at the back - we got much better views and could hear more :D

After the show finished we somehoe walked home - I think all 100,000 people did! We headed to a small bar where it was drinks all round then back to the hotel to sleeeeeeeeeeepppppZzZzZz ..

The last day was spent exploring Oslo .. We brought CDs, visited the palace again and went to say a last goodbye to the harbour. Possibly the most beautiful place in Norway.

- Ha det, I hope to return!


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