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March 24th 2001
Published: December 16th 2005
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So. We've finally made it Norway!
We nearly missed our flight due to Heathrow being so so huge, we were at gate 1, and our gate was 53 .. *le siigh*
Anyhoo .. Norway is so beautiful, although we were more hyped about seeing A-ha the next day we really didnt take many views in, but I soon learnt to USE the new camera I had brought.

We met many a good people at the airport .. Brigitte, Karen, Mark, Steve and Emma, who helped us with our Norwegian and train to the hotel. London underground is easy compared to this!
We spent the first evening exploring Oslo, trying not to forget where our hotel was, and visited Steve's hotel - the very posh 5 star directly in Oslo town, oohh! :D

Anyhoo, we had pizza that night - Norway really isn't more expensive than London! We also checked out the mall, and went to the harbour, into a karaoke bar where it was A-Ha night! We met a singer, who sounded so much like Morten it was scary 0.o then headed back to our hotel.

Over night we had snow, and it surprised me that they piled up all the snow in huge heaps on thw corner of the streets .. how can people see over all that snow?
- we left our hotel early and spent 6 hours queueing for A-ha, it was minus 2, freezing but the crowd were so cheerful and we got to hear the soundcheck - something I love!
The show was amazing! We spent most of it waving to Steve who was sitting on the side of the stage, and crying when they sang Manhattan Skyline. It was all over too quickly, my chocolate I brought before had melted, and my tshirt I brought too small but I didn't care, I'd just seen A-Ha live!

The journey to our hotel was something else though! We got on the wrong train, and ended up totally lost! We ended up knocking on doors asking where abouts in Oslo we acually were, with no avail - I'd never reccomend this by the way, stay safe people! :P
After crying some more, panicing that we'd die frozen forever in deepest, darkest Norway, or eaten by a dragon *they do exist ykno* a taxi came down the road, so I litterally ran out infront of him .. do or die as they say!
Eventually we made it back to our hotel .. exhausted, ears ringing from the music we headed to our room, watched the Norwegian version of Who wants to be a millionaire and slept!

The next day we were off home .. Not before picking up some A-Ha singles, presents and taking lots of photos. We also checked out the palace .. the snow made it so beautiful. We also found a seven eleven - HA!


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