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September 27th 2006
Published: September 27th 2006
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So I started my Dutch course today. It's really great. My teacher is named Janny "Yanni" and she's in her 60s and told us that the only way for us to learn Dutch is if she speaks only Dutch to us. She is definitely right - I just didn't understand a lot of what she said today, haha. My class is 11 people: me, a chinese girl, 3 french guys, 2 spanish girls, 1 portugese girl, 2 german girls and 1 polish girl. It's a good mix and everybody is just as clueless as I am. We have a workbook and a cd, so I'll hopefully be much better at Dutch. yay!

I haven't blogged in one or two days just because the excitement is dying down. I mean, I'm still enjoying every moment, but I'm having less amazingly new adventures since Enschede is indeed a small town. There are things everyday though that I really enjoy and notice different things as well.

A few more interesting (at least to me) things - Even in Seattle, it was such a small world for me around UW. For some reason, I would always run into people that I know - and I mean always, it didn't matter the time or the place - that my roommates would always laugh at how incredible it was sometimes. So I guess this thing followed me here because the international office set me up with a mentor guy name Rood. I met him that one time, but haven't contacted him since just because i've been meeting an overflow of people. But, a girl named Andra who I'm going to do my paper with in my multicultural communications class was talking and told me that she actually is roommates with Rood. Pretty cool. Also yesterday, i went to an international student even for meeting people and talking with dutch students. At my table there were a few people, we all introduced eachother and one of the girls named Lea said that she was from Israel! So, I got her email and we're meeting tomorrow for coffee and we'll speak in Hebrew. I'm so excited to have somebody to practice with as well as a new friend.

Anyway, in other news, I finally have a student number!!! All in one day, i got my student number in the mail, my bank card and code in the mail, and my bank of america statement from seattle because i need it for getting a resident visa. All is good in paperwork land. I'm also really liking the Kite Runner (round two) and I think I'll finish it in the next week. What am I going to do without leisure reading material!? I guess I'll either have to buy a book here in English, or read more of my schoolwork...bleh

Good night to all, and good luck to those that are starting school.


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