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September 24th 2006
Published: September 24th 2006
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Sandy beachSandy beachSandy beach

The water was very cold but I think it's shallow so the next time it's 27*C I'm going in!
Last night after talking to a good friend of mine on Skype until 2am (my time), I crawled into bed really ready for some sleep. But then my eyes fell on my David Sedaris book that has taken me forever to finish. Sedaris is my favorite author and so I think I have been milking this book for so long because I don't want it to end. There are few books that I've read where I actually laugh outloud as I'm reading. All of Sedaris' books have made me do so. Anyway, I was about 50 pages from the end, so I stayed up until 3:15am or so reading. It's been a while since I've finished a book cover to cover since boring school readings usually rob my eyes and brain of any pleasure reading. My next book I have here is 'Kite Runner' which I already read 3/4 of about 6 months ago and then let my mom read it since I was busy with school stuff. I'm starting from the beginning since it's been too long.

This morning, woke up, ate breakfast and sent a friend of mine, Marissa, an email since she's studying in Italy for the
My viewMy viewMy view

What I faced as I was reading
year. Nina contacted me and when she came to my house, we were off to find this lake that I've been wanting to go to. A few times, the road changed names and we had to look at the map, but we managed to get to the 'Rutbek' successfully. It was so beautiful! Being a slightly overcast day with the sun fighting her way through the silvery clouds, there were not a lot of people which made it perfect to study. We both brought reading material and I actually got a lot done. We'd chat in between reading - she's studying psychology and all her books are in English. It's quite hard because she's German, took a one month intensive Dutch course, her lectures are in Dutch, but then her textbooks are in English. Quite impressive! She asked me what a few words were and I even had a hard time explaining what "cue" and "threshold" was in a psychological context.

There was this zipline that went in a circle and pulled wakeboarders and waterskiers around the arm of the lake that we were at. It was really cool to watch as the people would take jumps and skim
My viewMy viewMy view

What I faced as I was procrastinating and chatting with Nina
over the calm water. I hope the weather stays nice because I'd love to return to the Rutbek and see the other parts of the park.

Nothing else is new - besides me buying some weird package of tropical yogurt gummies that were disgusting. Good to hear from those that have said hi to me - and to those that read but haven't said hi, say hi! =) love to hear from anybody. Take care all, and have fun this week.



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