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July 2nd 2007
Published: July 2nd 2007
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Hello all,

welcome to my travelblog!

The coming months I'll be travelling and working abroad for most of the time and through this blog I'll keep everyone up to date. I'll be posting all my entries in English. These coming months means much to me, it's like a dream come true and I'd like to share it with all of you. I hope to see some reactions from you, I'll appreciate that.

Those who know me a bit better, know that travelling has always been one of my dreams. As a kid I was always interested in other countries, languages and cultures but I didn't had the opportunity to travel much. But I'm happy to have the opportunity now.

Some of you know that since the end of May I've been working many extra hours on the railcatering (on the train between Amsterdam and Brussels), beside teaching Geography in the mornings. I did it of course to save extra money and tomorrow will be my last day working there. It has been hard the last few weeks but I'm happy that I did it.

At the end of this week I'll leave to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I'm going to stay just for a few hours. Later I'll catch the train to Falkenberg, little town in southwestern Sweden where I'm going to visit Tommy, a Swedish friend.
After that I'll spend 3 days in Stockholm and then fly to Rome, Italy. I'll stay for about 18 days in Italy, visiting some parts of the country and also visiting Luca & Lucia, two friends near Venice. In Rome I'll meet up my an Aruban friend called Mike, who's studying there for 1 month.
After this I'll spend 4 weeks working on a camping in Croatia for a Dutch travel organization. Doing this I'll get a part of my money spent on the earlier trips back.

After Croatia I'll probably go to Ukraine, where a Curacao-friend is working now for almost 1 year already and he invited me to come over for a few days in Kyiv. And depending the situation, if posibble I'll go as well near Barcelona, Spain where a Dutch friend of my lives (Paul) and a Curacao-friend (Jean-Paul) will be spending 6 months for his practices in Valencia.

In September and October I'll be in Holland for a few weeks, working at my present school (just looking over a few students) for about 3 weeks to save some extra money.

The biggest challange though will be Australia. The plan is to go around mid/end October there and to spend a few months working & travelling there. They've granted me the Working Holiday Visa already, which allows you to travel & work in Australia for 12 months.

Meanwhile I'm finishing to clean my room, pack everything and Thursday I'll move all my stuff to my sister in Vlaardingen. In the meantime I'll stay at her place (in sept. and oct. while I'll be for a few weeks back in Holland). If everything goes as right, I'll go back to Curacao for good by July 2008.

Anyway, this was my first entry. Take care all!!!

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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2nd July 2007

This looks like a small wordl tour to me....haahahaha Keep it up Elton All the best !!
2nd July 2007

Feliz trip
3rd July 2007

all the best!
All the best during your trip, enjoy it and God bless you.
4th July 2007

Heej Elton
Hi Elton, didn't noticed, you have left already... was expecting a phonecall or something to have a drink sometime! so we could get to know eachother a little better, hopefully we still go to Australia in Oktober? Would be pleased hearing from you. Ciao Teun
4th July 2007

Thanks for the reactions all!!!!! Teun, don't have your number. Call me, I'll be in Vlaardingen tomorrow!
5th July 2007

Dushi bo ta hasi swa. Korda bula ora ora online tambe si por. Manda potret paso no ta nos tur por travel asina. Take care and have a gr8 one. All tha best
24th February 2014
Hofplein, Rotterdam

Rotterdam <3

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