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July 29th 2008
Published: July 29th 2008
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Hello All! Lots has changed since my last update. On Friday Dennis’ opas took us out for the morning. We saw a bunch of stuff, including a hydro damn that was built 90 years ago, and is only rock and brick. Even more impressive it was destroyed by a bomb in WWII and was repaired in 6 months. That afternoon Dennis and I were both packing. As I was leaving in the morning and he was off to Poland to go fishing. Subway for dinner that evening, and then I had to say goodbye to Dennis. Which was really hard to due, as he’s been a great friend over the last year? That night I finished packing then went to bed early. Woke up at 8 on Saturday morning, fresh brewed coffee and baked goods for breakfast. Then off to the train station to catch the train to Duisburg. Where I made the connection to Utrecht, the train also stops in Amsterdam which meant it was full of partiers whom were rather drunk. Also it was so full that I had to stand for the 2 hours. After arrival in Utrecht it took me an hour or so to get to where I was going to, and after a short wait. The family arrived! So the only worry about the trip was taken care of. Walked around the city for a while and then off to some of my moms relatives, then into Amsterdam for the night. Yesterday (Sunday) we spent to whole day downtown. Took a canal tour where we saw the city from a different angle, went to Anne Frank’s house and walked through the red light district. Which I much say is rather interesting… Today we started on our way to Texel. which is an island just north of Amsterdam and has more sheep than people. We stopped at the Zaanse Schans which is the most touristy thing I have seen so far. We pulled in just as 3 tour busses full of Asians showed up. Everything was very overpriced. Stopped in Edam to check out some cheese shops, and then hit the ferry. The island of texel is 4.2 km from the mainland and the ferry only took 10 minutes. Drove to my moms uncle Jaap’s house and that is where we are staying now.


Utrechts Dom Torren

Canal in Utrecht

Canal in Amsterdam from a boat

Amsterdam's tourist center


29th July 2008

hey now!!! wheres my picture of naked women in windows!?!?!:( lol
30th July 2008

hey now!!! where's the descriptions of your food?!?!
30th July 2008

these are my favourite pics so far!! cool place, Garrett. And cheese shops?! it's my dream come true.
1st August 2008

Hey there
Pic's are great. Glad to see your seeing lots of the sights. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

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