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Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder September 13th 2014

We are sorry there has been such a delay in resuming blog service but busy-ness and a complete lack of Wifi has prevented us from posting our musings. When we last wrote we had just left Isabela on the outskirts of Sneek in the heartland of Friesland, the Norfolk Broads of Holland on steroids. It had become very busy just before we left but looks now as though most people have returned to work and school fortunately for us. We found Isabela safe and sound last Wednesday after a different sort of Channel/ North Sea crossing. To date we have always been by Shuttle but this time we came on the Harwich- Hook ferry by daytime, repeating the journey that Isabela had made on her lorry. It was a considerably longerroute, not least of all because ... read more
More Fog
Dutch Barn

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder May 22nd 2014

We weren’t quite sure what we would find at our first stop in the Netherlands, Den Helder. We had been told by some that it was just a convenient place to stop for a night but that there wasn’t much there to endear itself to you as a place to spend any time. Well, we wound up staying from Sunday night through Wednesday mid-day. The marina itself is very convenient to get to as you do not need to go through any locks or bridges. That was a plus after a 36 hour trip from southern England. After arriving in Den Helder about 4PM we didn’t do too much but have a bite to eat at the restaurant located at the marina and then crashed to catch up on our sleep. The next day we checked ... read more
The Navy Is Based in Den Helder
Many Commercial and Military Boats
Looking Out The Steer From Tsamaya

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder May 19th 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Chatham Marina as we took the time to explore many areas of the UK by car, got lots of projects done on the boat, enjoyed spending time with our friends Sandi and Colin that we had made while in London, meeting up with cruising friends that we had made over the years and making new friends that are based here in Chatham. We decided though that after being here for over a month it was time to break free and head to the Netherlands to start our cruising season for 2014. The weather looked like it would cooperate however we would have liked a little more wind. We could see that the winds were going to build out of the east soon and that would not make for a ... read more
The River Medway
The Medway River
The Industrial Part of the Medway

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder June 26th 2012

So here I am, sat on my father's yacht in a naval town called Den Helder. Today is quite a lazy day as Dad needs to get some washing done and we need to stock up on supplies for the next 3 or 4 days. Den Helder is not the most attractive town but it has everything a yachtman/ woman would need to survive. So having had a 13 hour journey across Scandinavia and Northern Europe yesterday I slept like a log last night. It was amazing to remember how relaxing it is to sleep on a yacht with the lap of the water licking the side of the boat. After some breakfast, we moved the boat 2 miles down the canal to a marina by the open North Sea. We went through two swing bridges ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder June 3rd 2010

Have had internet problems, but finally able to get back on line so let me bring you up to date on our travels. Sunday May 30, it rained on and off all day so spent the day in the RV playing cards, reading and napping. Looked to be clearing the next morning so left Alkmaar and headed north to the tip of the NL peninsula and Den Helder. It seems like we have traveled a fair distance since we started, but actually we are only about 40 miles north of Amsterdam. It is hard to get used to the short distances. Using the heater each night which burns diesel and driving - we have used only about a quarter of a tank of fuel at this point. Den Helder is a naval town with a history ... read more
Look at the gulls!
Biking on Texel
Sheep May Safely Graze

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder July 29th 2008

Sunday July 27, 2008 Up early to find out what the centre of Amsterdam has to offer. Another gorgeous day, but very muggy. We decided to take the metro. We couldn’t even figure out how to get a ticket. We could either use cash, credit card or debit. Well c/c kept asking for a 4 digit pin, the debit card it didn’t read and then the system went down due to technical difficulties - cold that have been us? Finally we used another machine used cash, but was suppose to go 3 zones, only would take money for two zones, so we went for it. Figures it was like home as it was Sunday. Our day in the city central was wonderful. We took a canal cruise, went to see Anne Franks house and the history ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder July 29th 2008

Hello All! Lots has changed since my last update. On Friday Dennis’ opas took us out for the morning. We saw a bunch of stuff, including a hydro damn that was built 90 years ago, and is only rock and brick. Even more impressive it was destroyed by a bomb in WWII and was repaired in 6 months. That afternoon Dennis and I were both packing. As I was leaving in the morning and he was off to Poland to go fishing. Subway for dinner that evening, and then I had to say goodbye to Dennis. Which was really hard to due, as he’s been a great friend over the last year? That night I finished packing then went to bed early. Woke up at 8 on Saturday morning, fresh brewed coffee and baked goods for ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Den Helder May 10th 2008

Update... from Ireland up to the Netherlands... April 27 (about 2 weeks ago) I took a ferry from SE Ireland to Wales. I stayed in Wales for a few days in a town called Swansea, where it was very restful and productive. I worked on music, read , wrote, did laundry and ate well. It rained a bunch. On May 1, I trained to London, met up with Anne's good friend Carla and later on with Elan and his honey Dia. We celebrated his 30th birthday. Good times. With a few more days in London I stayed at Jessica's again in Brixton. I did more historical things: Tower of London, National Gallery, several churches, etc. Met up with my Irish friend Danny and played more music...not enough time to do any recording, but still fun. Also ... read more
train station
in Rotterdam
park in Rotterdam

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