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January 22nd 2007
Published: February 4th 2007
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Hard RockHard RockHard Rock

Tiffany, Tamara, Seth, Julia, Chelsea, Marc, Ross. A Group picture after dinner at the Hard Rock
The last couple of days have consisted of exploring and partying. I went out exploring with Ross and Allison. We made a couple of purchases, discovered our area and the famous Vondel Park. The biggest purchase was our grill! Ross and I would like to formally welcome it to our apartment. Cooking with a stovetop wouldn't have cut it for 6 months, so we went to Blokker and bought a 3 in 1 grill for 25 euro. We felt it was worth the investment. It had a sandwich maker (WOOHOO for grill cheese), a grill (YAY for chicken and saumon), and a waffle grill (we haven’t used yet). The biggest discovery was how awesome Vondel park is. Even in the middle of winter, it's a beautiful park with multiple canals flowing through it. Families are out playing, people are with their dogs, and tons and tons of bikers!

We went for dinner to Hard Rock with some visiting Montrealers, Tiffany Joseph (on her way to exchange in Australia) and Marc Shefner (on exchange in Nice). It was exactly what you would expect, a tourist haven! The staff didn't even speak Dutch! Ross and I took off early as the others
Cooking DinnerCooking DinnerCooking Dinner

Ross, Seth. Ross and I cutting green beans for dinner.
went on to continue their night on the town.

The next night was insane! We ended the night at a club called Meander, but before the night ended, it had to start somewhere.
Ross and I, cooked dinner for ourselves and Julia and then our apartment started to populate with people for a little pre-drink. We hung at our place then moved down to the X-Pub which was super busy. The biggest surprise of the night was a guest appearance from my friend Juan from Mariannopolis. It turns out he is studying in Spain and knows some guys in my building. It was a great surprise and toasted to it more than once. The last tram that runs along our building comes at about 12:08 so at midnight the X-Pub emptied out and everyone was off to Meander. Meander is the popular place to go on Mondays because beers are 1 euro. It was packed! But the music was good and we all danced the night away. I left with Ross, the Portuguese girls Milly and Alex, Vanessa and Bill. We were going to cab but realized we were close to the night bus so we started to walk.
Enjoying DinnerEnjoying DinnerEnjoying Dinner

Julia, Tamara, Seth. Julia and I enjoying the fruit of our labour.
Yes, you know it already! We got lost! We walked and walked and walked but finally found it and got home in one piece!

Additional photos below
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Pre-Drink 1Pre-Drink 1
Pre-Drink 1

Seth. Hanging in the apartment.
Pre-Drink 2Pre-Drink 2
Pre-Drink 2

Seth. Hanging in the apartment.
Pre-Drink 3Pre-Drink 3
Pre-Drink 3

Julia, Allison, Tamara, Bill. Hanging in the apartment.
Pre-Drink 4Pre-Drink 4
Pre-Drink 4

Ross. Hanging in the apartment.
Pre-Drink 5Pre-Drink 5
Pre-Drink 5

Chelsea, Ross, Helen, Bill. Hanging in the apartment.
X-Pub 1X-Pub 1
X-Pub 1

Juan, Seth. The inital embrace.
X-Pub 2X-Pub 2
X-Pub 2

Juan, Seth. The first drink.
X-Pub 3X-Pub 3
X-Pub 3

Seth, Juan. Smiling.
X-Pub 4X-Pub 4
X-Pub 4

Juan, Chelsea, Julia. Hanging at the X-Pub.
X-Pub 5X-Pub 5
X-Pub 5

Darwin, Seth, Julia, Chad. Hanging at the X-Pub.
X-Pub 6X-Pub 6
X-Pub 6

Mikal, Chad. Hanging in the X-Pub.
X-Pub 7X-Pub 7
X-Pub 7

Honsa, Thomas, Mikal, Chad. Hanging in the X-Pub.
X-Pub 8X-Pub 8
X-Pub 8

Julia, Chelsea, Tamaea. Hanging in the X-Pub.
Meander 1Meander 1
Meander 1

Juan, Tamara, Bill. Dancing at Meander.
Meander 2Meander 2
Meander 2

Nicko. Posing at Meander.
Meander 3Meander 3
Meander 3

Nicko. Nicko trying to smile at Meander.
Meander 4Meander 4
Meander 4

Allison. Allison dancing at Meander.

4th February 2007

Masters Degree?
Trip sounds great, lots of fun and partying. Are you able to get a Masters Degree in Drinking at the same time?

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