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January 20th 2007
Published: February 1st 2007
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The Shlep Back 1The Shlep Back 1The Shlep Back 1

Allison taking a picture of herself
We all met downstairs and headed to MediaMarkt (a Dutch Future Shop) where we bought phones and then continued to Ikea to get some needed accessories for our apartments. Of course, since we don't have a car, getting from Ikea back to the metro and then from the metro home with all of our stuff was exhausting and hilarious. This activity took up much of the day but when the group got back, Ross and I headed to the grocery store to get some food for dinner, we opted for chicken stir fry. It was delicious. Julia, Tamara, Chelsea and Allison came over for a little pre-drink and then we headed out for a night on the town. We took the tram to Leidseplein and then started to walk toward Rembrantplein, another square with some of the biggest, most famous clubs in Amsterdam. On our way we ran into two Dutch guys who insisted we were Canada's next top models, both the girls and Ross and myself. We went with them to Arc, which is known as one of the fanciest gay bars in Amsterdam. We hung there for a little bit, talked to the two guys, Rein and Martain and
The Shlep Back 2The Shlep Back 2The Shlep Back 2

Tamara, Julia, Chelsea. The girls surrounded by their Ikea bags.
then bid our farewell to continue to Rembrantplein. Once at Rembrantplein we went to a bar/disco called Three Sisters where the drink of choice became Jagermeister. Julia and I killed it with Ross buying us our last shot of the night. After Three Sisters, we walked to a frites stand (French fry stand) and they all got fries, we ran into another English speaking group and chatted for a while, then we came here and went to bed. Overall, a long day finished with an amazing night, tons of fun!

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The Shlep Back 3The Shlep Back 3
The Shlep Back 3

Julia, Tamara, Allsion. The girls surrounded by their Ikea bags on the metro.
The Shlep Back 4The Shlep Back 4
The Shlep Back 4

Seth and Julia. Riding on the metro

Seth and Ross. Eating some chicken stir-fry! Seth + 1L wine, Ross + an avg of 10 Heinekens
Chillin' in Our ApartmentChillin' in Our Apartment
Chillin' in Our Apartment

Tamara, Julia, Chelsea. Hanging in our apartment before going out.
The GroupThe Group
The Group

Ross, Allsion, Seth, Chelsea, Tamara. On our way to the tram.

Leidsplein from a bad angle at night. The cool silver circles are all bike wheels.
At ArcAt Arc
At Arc

Chelsea, Martain, Seth, Rein. At the Club Arc.
The Girls at Three SistersThe Girls at Three Sisters
The Girls at Three Sisters

Chelsea, Julia, Tamara, Allison. At Three Sisters.
The Girls at Three Sisters 2The Girls at Three Sisters 2
The Girls at Three Sisters 2

Chelsea, Tamara, Allison. At Three Sisters.
Hmm, who?Hmm, who?
Hmm, who?

Random, Random, Seth. People we met at Three Sisters
Three SistersThree Sisters
Three Sisters

Seth, Chelsea, Allison. Dancing at Three Sisters.

Random, Random, Random, Allison, Random, Random, Seth, Julia, Tamara, Chelsea. The english group we chatted with after getting some frites.

1st February 2007

Reading and loving every moment of your well and fast...have fun, be safe and be good. love.
1st February 2007

Great Journal
Wish we were flies on the wall or on your shoulder so we could enjoy it all with you. Sounds terrific keep up the news to us. Looking forward to hearing about school, I think that's one of the reasons you are there. Have fun. Lots of Love.
1st February 2007

Sounds like a great start to your adventure. Must be a blast meeting people from all over, starting new friendships in Amsterdam! Love the blog - can't wait to read more. Take care. Janice

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