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June 19th 2010
Published: June 22nd 2010
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These are the best cookies ever.
I woke up early because today I am saying good-bye to Emiel and getting on a train to Maastricht where Ingaborg will be meeting me. I got on the wrong train somehow but I think it was the train station fault because it did say it was going to Maastricht. It was not a horrible mistake, I ended up in Haarlen and I just switched trains there and it only took me 20 mins to get to Maastricht from there.
I had to wait for Ingaborg for a little bit because of the mix up but once she got there we were off to her brother's place so I can dump the load. First we stopped at a tourist shop so we could book our tour for the underground caves tomorrow. Her brother lives in a small building in a small room that is just for college kids. Her brother was gone for the weekend so we had the place to ourselves.

Once dropping off my bag we set out to find some lunch. What I wish we had back in Canda is the open terrrence to eat on in front of the resturants. There is a huge court yard full of patios tables with the resturants surronding them across the street, so you get to sit outside and enjoy your surrondings. For lunch I had a chicken sandwich with Dutch bread and a Kriek beer.

Until Supper we just walked around getting lost. We did walk through the gate of hell and made out way around the defense wall that use to surrond the city. For supper we sat out on another patio. I ordered something that had the name Maastricht in it and I had no idea what I was ordering, as for a beer I had Wieckse Witte which is a a local beer. My meal ended up being a bowl of beef like stuff with an amazing sauce that had cloves in it, there was also fries with mayo, it was very, very good. As a closer to my meal I had a cappicino with a cookie. 95% of the time you order coffie you get a cookie with it...how great is that.

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23rd June 2010

Dood!! That's the best idea ever!! Buy a coffee, receive a cookie!! Now I'm hungry..
23rd June 2010

(Post Script)
Love you, miss you.. -Aaroooon..
23rd June 2010

Cookie cookie cookie is good enough for me. That is great!!...I wish Canada did that, what cheapos we are. Glad you are still having a great time, I'm jealous of you, cookie monster! Cookies here in coffee shops are like $4, but then again they are also as big as your head...good trade off? I think so. Love you!
24th June 2010

Gotta love those cookies hahaha thinking of you and sounds like your having a great time while we sit hear listening to the thunder and watching the lighting its going to be a down pour Love ya
24th June 2010

It was a down pour, awesome storm!! What has the weather been like there Lorriann??
24th June 2010

It has been nice every day expect the third day I was here when we went to the windmills, it rained abit but not for very long.
26th June 2010

Mort Subite..
Doesn't Mort Subite mean "Fast Death"??
26th June 2010

I don´t know lol but I like it
27th June 2010

hey i like your pictures... the name of your mail was maastrichts zuarvlees.. :) and for the next entry you have for lunch a kroket and a frinkandel speciaal. and offcourse i will bring you some stroopwafels if im going to edmonton!!!!! have fun in germany x

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