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June 20th 2010
Published: June 24th 2010
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Okay I know I said I would never do this but we had breakfast at Mcdonalds but it was Dutch Mcdonald breakfast. You get a crissont, egg mcmuffin, coffee and apple juice for 4 EUR, and the apple juice is double the size we get in Canada. After we slowly made our way to to the fort where we we would be taking a tour in Dutch so Ingeborg was going to have to translate for me, lucky her. The fort was on top of the highest point in The Netherlands, it is their mountian it is a whopping 900m high I think. They are very proud of their mountian.
The tour was really neat, it took around the fort that use to surrond Maastricht as well we went under the fort that had the canon and shooting hole. Our next tour was across the street it was for the underground tunnels that run all over the underground of Maasticht, they are 200,000 kms long. Ingeborg got talking to the tour guide since she knew dutch and he knew dutch and before you know it he gave us this awesome idea. We were going to hike down the huge mountian haha, and sneak in with a tour group that is coming out of another tunnel and we are going to sneak on a ferry pretending we are with the group. But first we need food, so we walked down the hill got some really Dutch food says Ingeborg, don´t ask me what it was or what´s it called all I know is it was Dutch and it was good. Then we went BACK up the mountian and then down the other side, it was a nice hike I must say, but it worked we got to where the ferry was going to be, but It was not there yet so we waited in line and when the ferry came, we walked on and wala we got a free ride, but shhhh don't tell anybody.

Once we got back to dry land we were pretty tired so we went to the shop across the street from the apartment and ordered pizza, I have had way better pizza in my days but it hit the spot.

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This a hole that the guards talked through.

The shooting holes

Ingeborg was one of the few to hold a lantern in the tunnels, He said it was because she looked responsible, what don´t I look responsible

25th June 2010

Haha you stole a boat.. Ride..
Have you tried any Dutch desserts yet?
25th June 2010

I wanted to get a Belgium Waffle but I never got the chance to, keep kicking my self in the ass for that one, but I had a box of Belgium chocolate, so good num num.

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