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October 31st 2011
Published: October 31st 2011
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Convinced Michael Scotts new book would be released earlier and I somehow forget I had subscribed for a newsletter I opened the Atlantis e-mail. This mail exceeded my expectations and I after reading it through a number of times my American dream found renewed hope.

The Han-university would sent 3 applicant to the US with the Atlantis program. Al you had to do was write an easy, fill in some vague forms, do an interview and get 2 recommendations. So I decided to try-out, wrote an essay, filled in the forms, bugged some people and asked for recommendations (for which I’m still grateful) and handed over a thick envelope with paperwork. After a week or so I got another e-mail asking me to come in for the scheduled interview. So nervous and excited I hopped on a train to Nijmegen for an interview. An interview!? Since I left high-school 7 years ago I hardly ever use English except for some family occasions or during holidays. So slightly uncertain about my English proficiency I went to the interview which went quite well (not as good as I hoped) and even more nervous I went back home, waited for 2 weeks, got another e-mail that said: YOU’RE IN! Jumped in the air, went slightly nuts and slowly started realizing that I’m going to study in the US for a full semester this spring.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the best part. I got a place in GSU, the university that stroke me as most interested in the first place.

So Americans be aware I’m on my way!


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