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October 27th 2011
Published: October 27th 2011
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Well here we go, my first USA-blog, in my very best English. I guess it's good practice……

5 months ago I went to a meeting about studying abroad with some fellow education students. It sounded interesting and I had my mind set upon going to the USA. To go to America was a wish I had since I was a little girl and that has grown stronger over the years (inspired a lot by my basketball teammates who visited basketball country number 1).

At this meeting I got quite disappointed. Almost everyone seemed to be interested in studying in a third world country or in Europe. Africa and Asia were really popular and there was a lot of (very useful) information on studying here. But nothing about visiting America (or Canada which was plan B). Not willing to give up just yet I went to my teacher and asked for the possibilities to study in America. He told me to look on the internet first. So I started searching the internet beginning with the Han-partners. I quickly found multiple universities with some interesting courses. The most interesting by far was the Urban Education minor of GSU (Georgia State University).

A week or so after my first real studying in the USA research an e-mail appeared titles Atlantis project. I was confused at first. History has never been my best subject but I always thought that Atlantis was some legendary island with an unknown location that sunk some 3.500 years ago. Anyway after careful consideration of marking this mail as spam I decided to take a leap of faith an open it anyway……

To be continued


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