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June 19th 2010
Published: June 19th 2010
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Hey hey,

Thankyall for the comments - it inspires me to go on...

Day five was a great day, one of the highlights of the trip so far! Mum and I went to the Openluchtmuseaum i.e. the Open Air Museam --> which is a historical recreation of farming, living and businesses over several hundreds of years in Holland!

It took us 5 and a half hours to tour the whole park which is situated just outside Arnhem, next to the zoo (a trip for another day). There was so much to see, most of the park was perfectly recreated houses or workshops, with people working in them, or farmers wives making tea and tending to the fire, or weaving ect...

The weather was fairly bad, we were freezing but at least most of the rain came whilst we were having a nice, traditional lunch with a massive pancake after and unlimited maple syrup! There was a great tourist shop but also some traditional stores, one was a sweet shop and the other had tea and spices ect... i got some lovely orange and apple tea - was going to bring u back some Alicia but can’t bring it through customs 😞

We were just too late to get our photo taken in dutch traditional dress - it was 20 minutes to five, closing time, and he refused to do it! How rude!

Father you would have loved the shipbuilding yard and the blacksmith and the windmills!

Have a lot more to write, but i’m really tired so i’m going to bed, mite add some more words tomorrow if I can - we’re catching up with more of mums friends and then some family and finishing off planning the route we’re going to take in our self-drive tour of part of Germany, for which we leave on Monday. Just booked the overnight bus tickets from Amsterdam to Paris for next weekend as well. Hope your all well and having a good time.

Love kels and Deb

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There was a guy here spinning this big wheel which had a rope around it that was shaping a hub for another wheel
Oil ExtractorOil Extractor
Oil Extractor

The horse drawn wheel that crushes the grains to a fine powder
Oil ExtractorOil Extractor
Oil Extractor

Description of the machienery
Oil ExtractorOil Extractor
Oil Extractor

There was a guy here getting some oil out of some seeds, it was very loud!
Oil ExtractorOil Extractor
Oil Extractor

The steps to making oil - crushing, heating and pressing
Oil ExtractorOil Extractor
Oil Extractor

The final product
Cute animalsCute animals
Cute animals

There were heaps of different breeds of chickens absolutely everywhere!
Old FarmhouseOld Farmhouse
Old Farmhouse

Every single farmhouse (of which there where heaps) had its own herb garden and chickens
Cute animalsCute animals
Cute animals

the behinds of some sheep

is that the right word? it was a bee farmering place. the garden outside was filled with plants to attract bees all year round, honey was collected and wax also which was made into candles
Forest hikeForest hike
Forest hike

found a trail leading into the forest so we went for a little hike

20th June 2010

kels! stop talkin about all this delicious food you get to eat everyday, making me jealousss as!!!! i guess ive been eating a lot of yummy stuff too, but not as yummy! have fun in germanyy
23rd June 2010

Kels, How do you know what cannabis looks like?
23rd June 2010

Boatbuilding, etc
Hi Kels did you get a few photos of the boat building?? By the way those undies looked a bit like your Mums. Pets are all OK but funny thing I saw Bruce pecking at Mikes keyboard as if he was typing a letter. Reminded me of Noepie playing the Piano. Melbourne was good fun but pretty Cold. It looks cold there as well, what happened to Summer? Was that last week? Have fun In Duitsland. Luv Pap

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