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June 20th 2010
Published: June 20th 2010
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Dear faithful followers,

Today we visited more of mums friends, and thier entire family, 15 people jabbering away in a language i can't understand! these friends lived in elden but there was an annual bike race on through the streets which some of the familiy members where competing in so the streets were blocked off and we had to take a different approach to the house. We had to walk through a wet and muddy field, climb over an electric fence and through another hole in a fence to get to this house and mum was wearing my brand new boots!

had a 'salad' for luch, i use the term loosly as their idea of a salad is somewhat differnet from ours, it was finely shredded meat (couldn't tell what) with bits of potato and gerkin mashed together and drowned in mayonaise. there was lettuce, as a decoration on the plate and people looked at me weird when i ate it.

after lunch we had dessert - ice cream with custurd and whipped cream on top. i asked and ice-cream is never served without whipped cream!

eating these foods and looking around i'm finding it hard to believe that australia is one of the most obese places in the world...

we mite go for a big bike ride so we don't feel so guilty about lunch dessert and dinner tonite at the local pancake house :~) but atm where planning the route of our trip through germany - we leave tomorro morning, opa, oma riet, mum and I in opa's car. were starting in vianden (in luxemburg) at a castle, then to cochem in germany and up to Koblenz, will see a couple more castles and a heap of wineries as well!

liefs van kels + deb

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25th June 2010

Finally reading blog
Hey Kels and mum, Sound like the trip is going amazingly and i'm sure you having better weather than we are atm (so very very cold today!). I don't know whether that salad sounded good or not but hey, 'when in rome' lol. Staying in a castle would be awesome just watch out for those pesky ghosts haunting the place. Cant wait to see all the photos when you get back! xx
26th June 2010

lol i love the hot pink pants that lady is wearing watchin the bike race

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