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June 19th 2010
Published: June 19th 2010
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Dear peeps,

Day four was a big one, mum and i caught the bus into Arnhem to the massive markets, they had heaps of flowers, which are really cheap here, and vegetables, all these different ones and lengths of cloth and some clothes.

Mum and I have't bougt many clothes yet cos the fashion here atm is really cheap, tacky and trashy looking but well expensive! I'm hoping paris is better, otherwise i'll be coming back with a bit of money, which would be terrible...

Then we cuaght another bus to Oosterbek to see an old friend of mums...for the next six hours! they were speaking dutch and talking bout people i didn't know so i went outside and took photos of flowers, played around with settings on my camera ect...

For lunch we had fresh soft yummy bread with .... this bright orange mashed up meat they spread on bread then another layer of salami like meat with more fat than meat, then beatiful cheese and of course lots of rich fatty butter.

then mum went and visited another friend and i decided to go for a big bike ride, it was absolutely freezing, even riding hard didn't warm me up, but i saw some really cute animals, they farm lots of horses in this area, mainly shetland ponies and lots of them have babies atm, one i saw was the size of a small dog, it was soooooo cute!

so i followed some signs that said war memorial of our lady, which turned out to be a small shrine which was very pretty. Got a little lost on my return, i knew i was within the correct couple of blocks of opa’s house, but all the streets look the same, so i rode in circles for awhile before eventually giving up my pride and asking a man, it turns out i was just around the corner.

The food here is incredibly rich and heavy, there is soooo much fat, butter, mayonnaise, cream and salt in everything and they love deep fried food, and it shows in their waistlines 😉 and its starting to show in mine, arhgggghhhg

Since we arrived i haven’t seen darkness, i’m writing this at half past 10 at nite and its still light! And its lite at flourish in the morning - which wakes mum and i up really early, were both up and about by 6 to 6:30 AM!!!!!!!!!

Love kels + Deb

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On the BusOn the Bus
On the Bus

this was so cute, there was a basket on the front of this womans walker with a dog in it!

21st June 2010

Your trip sounds so fun I just read all your posts :)

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