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Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau January 1st 2020

1st Jan: The journey from Bender to Chișinău didn't take took long, only a hour or two if I remember correctly. The journey was pretty smooth sailing even the 'border' between Transnistria and Moldova proper was quick and straight forward. There wasn't much to see on the journey as it was dark outside. When we reached our hotel, it felt like I was back in the real world. Our hotel felt like a palace compared to the place we had stayed in Transnistria, in reality it probably wasn't that nice, but it was a definite step up. After checking in and chilling for a bit, we decided to head out for some dinner. Since it was New Year's Day, not too many places were open. We had really wanted to try Andy's Pizza as it is ... read more
Cosmos Hotel
National Hotel

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria January 1st 2020

The previous morning, I hadn't really had a good look out of the hotel room and since it was nice and sunny, I stood on the balcony for a bit taking in the river view. It was lovely. Since there was no options for breakfast we had to do it DIY style with some fruit, coffee and ghetto pre-packaged baked goods. We left the main city of Tiraspol and headed to Bender. We stopped on the way at a Sheriff gas station that was across the road from another Sheriff gas station, no need to turn and cross the road to get petrol. The gas station was in front of Sheriff Stadium where FC Sheriff Tiraspol play. The stadium was opened in 2002 and renovated in 2011. It looked very impressive. if only I liked football ... read more
Sheriff Stadium
Sheriff Gas Station

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria » Tiraspol December 30th 2019

30th Dec: We left Odessa and drove to the Trasnistrian/Moldovan border. The journey didn't take too long and I slept through most of it. The borders weren't too bad, just a bit tedious as the staff were too busy playing computer games to actually do any work. Also, because we were entering Moldova via Transnistria, our guide had to take all our passports to the Moldovan immigration booth to it stamped as we needed the proper Moldovan entry stamp or there would be problems when we leave Moldova. Transnistria, or Pridnestrovia as it is known in Russian, is an unrecognised, breakaway state. It is considered part of Moldova by the UN and only other breakaway states recognise it as its own country. The journey then took another hour or so to reach Tiraspol, the capital city. ... read more
Civil Registry

Europe » Moldova October 1st 2019

That would be Finland but I've been in Moldova for the past couple of days for the sole purpose of hitting yet another European high point. Moldova formerly had the unfortunate distinction of being ranked the unhappiest country in the world. After 2 days here it's fairly safe to say that the Moldovans have shaken off that reputation and ranking. I arrived Monday afternoon after an easy marshrutka ride from Odesa, Ukraine and made my way from one bus station on the edge of the city center (there are 3 stations in the city) to the central market. Using my best Russian at the station there (Russian still a primary language here together with Romanian), I tried to suss out the schedule for the next morning to Bălăneşti, the wine-country village at the base of the ... read more
Hydration Always Muy Importante
Highest Point of Moldova
Zhora, His Son, and Alex

Europe » Moldova » Transnistria June 27th 2018

I passed through immigration quickly although the staff seemed suspicious wanting to know why I wasn't transiting, it must be unusual for people to actually come here. The arguing with dirt bag taxi drivers began immediately, they tried to charge me triple the normal price but by walking a short distance I found one with a metre and the guy actually turned it on so it cost me 85 Leu rather than the 250 those bastard wanted. You should have seen the last one scowl at me as I drove away grinning. My hotel is quaint but adequate and my hostess bought me plate of pastries and a glass of the famous Moldovan red, which wasn't bad after eating I went to bed as I have an early start tomorrow. After a breakfast of salad, cheese, ... read more
Lenin in fromt of Parliament
Soviet power
Lenin again

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau May 7th 2017

In the morning we went by coach with our Moldovan guide, Natalia, to Orhei Vechi . First we visited a small museum with various archaeological finds. Following this we walked up to a very small monastery church carved into the rock. As we weren't going to be having lunch until mid afternoon I bought a pretzel from a girl selling them part way up the hill to the monastery. It didn't taste as good as I thought as it took all the moisture away from my mouth! The monastery church was very atmospheric. In the corridor, leading down to the church, was what I presumed to be the monk reading aloud. The church was filled with the smell of incense and the flickering of candles, including people crossing themselves in front of the various icons. This ... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau May 6th 2017

From the railway station to our hotel was a market, which looked more like a car boot sale. The unusual thing was that all the items were laid on the floor. It included old TVs, mobile phones, many clothes and shoes. We were staying at the Hotel Cosmos which certainly looked very soviet in style. The hotel had 22 floors but I don't think there was anyone staying higher than floors seven or eight. There didn't seem to be many guests, apart from us and the players in a Moldovan football team. Some of met our Moldovan guide, Natalia, for a short walking tour of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. I liked Chisinau, and it was certainly not as bad as some of the descriptions I had read about it before the trip. I felt very ... read more
Our Moldovan guide, Natalia, holding up a Soviet Union passport!
Parliament building

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau May 6th 2017

Left Manchester on Friday 5th from Liverpool to Bucharest. The flight was with Blue Air, a Romanian low cost airline, who I've never heard of before. I was lucky to have all spaces free next to me so I was able to stretch out. No food was provided apart from a small sweet given before we landed! Landed on time and then met my pre-booked taxi to take me from the Airport to the Railway station. I tried to explain where I was going to visit in Moldova but I had problems with my pronunciation and so it took some time for him to understand where I was going. Had some time to wait at Bucharest airport to meet rest of the group I was travelling with. I was travelling with Lupine Travel and there was ... read more
Looking from our carriage

Europe » Moldova May 5th 2017

Trip to Moldova and the self declared republic of Transnistria with Lupine Travel.... read more

Europe » Moldova » Centre » Chisinau April 11th 2017

Geo: 47.0167, 28.8497Kyla and Paul went up to the restaurant for brekkies, but I slept in and had room service. Clever me. We were ready to go at 9:30am.We drove out of the city to visit three monasteries. The first two had been destroyed during Soviet times and had been repaired in the last 25 years. The frescos were new, and the buildings were redone. The first monastery, Hincu, had been a summer camp for medical students during Soviet times. It sits nestled in the woods part-way up a hill, with a bit of view of the valley below. The legend is: the daughter of the local lord ran away from home and got lost in the woods. She stayed there all winter, in a hut for shepherds. When the shepherds returned in spring, they found ... read more
Around Moldova
Around Moldova
Hincu Monastery

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