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Europe » Malta » Gozo April 9th 2012

Last buffet breakie today! :( And as I got to the waffle maker I see that someone has made wayyyyy more of a mess than I did yest!! And the lil girl was there so i could point out that it wasnt just me that overdid the mixture! we enjoyed our last breakfast and then got dressed for our trip across to gozo for the day. We were gutted cos Karla had got us excited about going to Camino where the blue lagoon was but unfortunately cos it was so windy they werent sending boats across so we settled for a day in gozo and just looked at blue lagoon postcards!! We hopped on the ferry and omg it was so rockywith the wind. Apparantley it was force 8 out of 10! I felt really sick ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta April 8th 2012

So, we woke up this am and it was pouring with rain! :( But another buffet breakie turned things around after i woops put too much mixture in the waffle maker and spread batter everywere and i mean everywhere! the poor cleaners! A lil girl was waiting next to me and her dad said to her now you live and learn from that lady's mistakes! haha i was like thaaanks! Great tasting waffle though! the chef thought it was hilarious and really didnt care so all fun and games! We then headed back to the girls' room cos sarah had excited come up with the plan of an easter egg hunt! So one by one we went outside the room like we had been kicked out and everyone else hid 7 eggs in the room! Was ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » Bugibba April 7th 2012

This morning we all woke up refreshed and ready to explore. So we paid like 5 euro for buffet breakie which was awesome! We all were stuffed to the brim. Nice day so decided to go to the old capital for the am and head to a beach or the pool for the arvo. When we steppe doutside though it was really cold cos the wind was bitter again like last ight. So, all went back inside to sadly ditch the summer clothes and rug up more! We had directions and instructions as to what buses to catch but ended up wiating like 40min for the 1st bus, grabbed a drink and sat on the side of the road next to a bomb truck for another about 45mins waiting for the next bus. After this i ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » Mellieha April 6th 2012

Arriving back to the UK yest am, our 4am getuyp this am was slightly rough but it so didnt matter cos its easter and we're off to Malta! We went down to the bus stop to catch the 4.20 bus and got in time to see our bus just drive straight past us even though we had tickets!! So we were a weeny bit worried as if the next one wasfull we didnt actually have tickets for that oe and would miss our flight. sarah was finding her own way there and karla was supposedly on the bus after us. The next one came at 5am running late too and the guy eventually let us on it thankfully but was not hapy about it! Hardly our fault. We sat down realised karla was sitting next to ... read more

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria April 4th 2012

.Portugal to Malta I have had a cold the last week and haven’t done any writing since the Portuguese sailors left. We did not dock in Portimao, Portugal because of the weather. This port is known as the fair weather port, and the weather was not at all fair. So, instead, we headed for Cadiz, Spain, the port with access to Seville. We took a Cruise Critic Tour to Seville with 16 people on a 30 passenger bus and plenty of room to spread out. Our guide was excellent as we walked to the Alcazar or palace still used by the Queen of Spain when she and the children are in Seville. The building is beautiful and very large. We did not go to the second story, but only to the more public rooms. We then ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema February 27th 2012

It was with a small amount of trepidation that I departed for Malta. On the one hand I'd be getting 4 days away from the drudgery of London in the Winter, and I'd heard good things about Malta in the Summer. On the other hand it wasn't Summer, I was going to be by myself, and the main reason for the trip was to run a half marathon for which I'd done bugger all training (Nothing unusual there!). Upon arriving I found a multitude of first impressions awaiting me. It reminded me a bit of Spain, with that dry feeling in the air and an apparent love of similarly beige buildings. It was a bit like England too, with the same road signs, British tourists everywhere, and even ex-London buses being used (until quite recently the ... read more
The 5,500 year old ruins
View from the Citadel
A view of Valletta at night

Europe » Malta » Malta » Attard November 27th 2011

Malta- in just one day, you can travel throu history from pre-pyramids to the 2nd world war. It is all here. All civilisations and major world events have left its footprints on this little island, blessed with winter sunshine !... read more

Europe » Malta October 25th 2011

Hi all. It's Dan writing this blog about our latest weekend trip in the Mediterranean. We were looking forward to our trip to Malta as the cold weather here in Denmark is making its presence felt. Sure enough, we landed in Malta on a Friday with a pleasant 25C and lots of sunshine. Apart from New Zealand last year, we have not hired a car on any of our trips – we don't really see the need. This allows us to experience a bit more about what life is like in the places we travel. We stuck to this pattern and took the bus from the airport to our hotel in Sliema. This was a bit tricky, because the information we found on the Internet turned out to be wrong, but we managed to get to ... read more
Dan in Sliema
Traditional Maltese Patries
All aboard - the boats at the Blue Grotto

Europe » Malta » Malta » Marsascala August 11th 2011

The Amazing Malta We started off our Maltese journey very well. After arriving at the airport, we met our transfer driver and he took us straight to our hotel which was about 10 minutes away. We arrived at the hotel in Marsaskala and checked in at around 6:30pm after a huge day of travelling. Malta is only about 250km south of Sicily, but it took us a whole day to get there thanks to the incompetence of the airports in Italy. But once we got there it was really worthwhile. We were staying on the 3rd floor so by the time we got up there the sun was setting and it was truly breathtaking. I’ve never seen so many different colours in a sunset. We got settled in and headed downstairs to the buffet dinner which ... read more
WWII Memorial Bell Tower

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta May 12th 2011

We really didn't know what to expect in Malta, but after almost a week here we are really enjoying ourselves. After a direct flight from Sydney we were expecting an easy afternoon and early night when we flew in last Sunday. Our hotel was situated on a square opposite the gate to M'dina, a perfectly preserved medieval walled town described in Lonely Planet as "one of the jewels of Malta". We couldn't have picked a better time to be there as the town was celebrating the annual medieval festival weekend. We were straight into it. There were plenty of tourists joining in with the locals who were dressed authentically - knights in full suits of armour, beautiful maidens, courtiers, jesters, troupes of instrumentalists and dancers. It was a real treat to wander through the squares and ... read more
Men of steel
Main square M'dina
A herald

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