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The hotel type accommodation in central Rome two blocks over from the Termini was perfect for our last night in Europe. 6th floor, clean and quiet. We were up at 4am and walked to the Terravision bus stop at Termini by 4.30. It takes an hour to the airport but we were a bit earlier as it wasn"t too hectic on the roads this time of morning. Driving through the old city Roman walls in their partially ruined state, all lit up. Easy checking-in, via London (transit) to LA. Booked all the way so didn't have to worry about our checked 'hold luggage'. Just as well..I'm pleased security is real tight but in that effort to get here I don't know how many times we had to disassemble our 'carryon' packing to put through scanners... All ... read more
French Alpes
French Alpes
France west coast

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome November 20th 2017

There you go ...what a finish to the holiday. An effort on C Line Metro to A Line Metro to B Line Metro...the result a stop at San Paolo Basilica (St Paul). We were quite amazed. Was one of the four Papal seats in Rome. The original Basilica was built as a monument over the second burial of St Paul by the insistence of Constantine (in 324 AD). Then a second Basilica was built around the first by Theodosius (389) thus making it 'St Paul Outside the Wall's'. The first burial of St Paul after his beheading was on the road to Ostia Antica (original establishment of Rome by the sea). My observation is his 'means of cruxifiction' (by Nero) is why his skull is at St Giovanni Basilica (St John). In 2004 to 2009 pilgrims ... read more
St Paul's sarcophagus beneath the altar
Description of St Paul's sarcophagus
St Paolo Basilica

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome November 18th 2017

The change over from the new C Line metro is not quite finished yet so there is a 1km walk to the A Line at St Giovanni. It was sunny today with a high of 17degrees so we took the C Metro from Mirti to St Giovanni. The St Giovanni Basilica is fabulous especially when your'e not expecting it. It is the most ancient early Christain Basilica and was built by Constantine in 313AD. The skulls of St Peter & St Paul are kept as relics here. It was a seat of the papacy before it was relocated to the Vatican. Inside the basilica are buried 22 Popes. It is just as grand as St Peters Basilica. We continued on to walk around the Coloseum and Circus Maximus (600m long). Still hoards of people sightseeing...... read more
Bronze doors to the Basilica
One of the Basilica chapels

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome November 15th 2017

Fabulous Rome...arrived in the dark and settled in fairly quickly as we are staying in the same apartment as at the beginning of our trip. It rained first day out so we just mooched around our area and so today we headed into the centre and got off the tram at Termini. Walked down Nazionale street to the 'wedding cake'. There are still a huge amount of tourists around even with the temperatures only reaching 15degrees. Fighting our way up and down the footpaths and through the traffic we took refuge a couple of times in a church or two. Started to drizzle but we kept walking on to Nuova and then to Popolo and onto the Spanish steps. By now it was 2pm so we hit the Metro at 'Spagna' to Termini and then the ... read more
Vittorio Emamuelle Monument
The story of Rome -

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome November 13th 2017

All packed up....just small bags but still have to get it right for the plane... Out at midday, tram to centre (Gare Thiers) and made our way to the bus stop for the Aeroport bus 99....every half hour from the train station at 6€ ea. Half hour trip with only 2 stops... oops make that 3...we got off at the wrong terminal and had to make our way over to the other (free shuttle). We were early so our plane terminal had not been acknowledged by the airline untill we had actually arrived. I'm not sure why they do this when the airlines work from he same area all the time....may be security. So with our packed lunch we sat and waited in the lovely Nice airport. 16.45 flight. The security at the airport was the ... read more
Nice airport

Europe » Monaco November 12th 2017

Fontville is part of Monaco Principality... The weather was cool but a lovely sunny day so we decided to spend our last day and head along the coast to Fontville. The bus zone changed at the border so we got off just before and walked in. The bus trip from Nice to Monaco is a trip in itself with views all the way along the adzur coastline below. Fontville is the harbour that sits below the Prince's Palace and alot newer in accommodation than in the centre of Monaco itself. Many people out dining having arrived in their flash vehicles. We walked out to the pier where there was a run/walk of sorts doing circuts of the waterfront. Didn't take long to nosy around and walked back to the bus stop and past the Monaco Stadium. ... read more
Bus trip coast to Monaco
Gate house

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Nice November 11th 2017

They celebrate nationwide here 'Armistice Day' with parades, flag waving, wreath laying and prayer at the memorials. Nice's Memorial sits under Du Chateau hill on the Port Lympia. It can be seen if you are driving into Nice on the high Corniche road and from sea if you are approaching the harbour. In Paris, an unknown soldier was placed in the chapel of the Arc de Triomphe then later buried under the Arc and an eternal flame has burned on the tomb under the Arc since 1920. We stayed away from the gatherings as per advice of 'safetravel.govt.nz'. It is significant that Grandad Stanley served in Ypres (near Belgium) and returned home to start a family. The 'Allblacks' playing France tonight in Paris - wearing the poppy. We can clearly see there is a huge spread ... read more
Nice War Memorial

Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur » Biot November 10th 2017

Lovely Biot today...it thundered and rained yesterday so we stayed put...the result was a lot of snow on the Alpes. Armed with jackets and scarves we caught the train to Antibes and a bus from there to Biot. The bus driver was very helpful and we got off right up in the hills at Biot Village. Another living artistic oldtown....many people had just come up for a meal. Very social alfresco stuff in france. The photos explain most of it...not much of the town getting any sun because of it's design. Biot was a pottery centre from the beginning of the 16th century until the 18th century. It is more well known now for it's glass blowing. ... read more
Gare -station clock
Poppy - in metal

Raining and doubtful whether to head into the hills... 10.30am and plan A&B were devised...tram to Massina & walk to Albert Ier to catch the 400 bus. So far so good. Once on the bus and made the many many stops along the promenade towards the Var valley it really started to rain....do we get off & go to plan B or carry on. Stuck with it and by the time we got inland most of the rain had settled to a mild drizzle. A heavily overcast day (not much good for photography) we decided to get off the bus on an earlier stop to get a view of the hilltop village from a distance. Walked up the hill to the village where a few bus tour groups were just arriving. This is an amazing working ... read more
Blue shutters
St Paul De Vence

A real drawcard on the french riviera... We planned out a walk to Villefranche from Nice....one we had done many times. I opted for the bus to the top so I would only have to walk down.... We trammed to Place Garibaldi and walked to Port Lympia where there were plenty of buses heading in Menton direction. 5 mins up the hill we disembarked to walk the footpath that ran along the top of the cliffs. Cloudy day so it was just the right temperature for easy walking. Around the corner past the 'Batterie'. Quite a cliff side to make this road out of. As we started to descend we came across the 'Princess Grace' memorial of 1982-1983. A lovely view from here into the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer. A cruise ship anchored, typical for this time ... read more
Princess Grace memorial
Villefranche-surMer from the memorial
The cliffside walk

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