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Europe » Malta » Malta » St Julians June 23rd 2020

Malta Blog Malta, what an island. I went into this place with very little expectations. But it managed to sway me massively and I now cannot wait to return there. Booking and Day 1 I booked this trip with my family as a last minute idea to surprise my grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary and it was the best decision I have made. We made our way to Gatwick airport for a late afternoon flight with British Airways from Gatwick (LGW) to Malta Luqa (MLA). After a very uneventful flight down over France, Corsica and down the coast of Sicily for a nighttime approach in Malta International Airport. On the way in I witnessed the beauty of Malta at night and a number of fireworks from the south of the island. After collecting our bags ... read more
Maltese Skyline @ Night
Beautiful Maltese Street

Europe » Malta » Malta April 12th 2020

Para ayudarlo a planificar su estadía, he preparado este itinerario detallado . Durante su viaje, podrá visitar Valletta , la capital, así como Mdina, Rabat, los acantilados de Dingli o incluso algunas de las playas más bonitas de Malta y Comino. Y para que su viaje a Malta sea realmente inolvidable, también le daré mis mejores consejos , así como una lista de los mejores alojamientos en la isla según su presupuesto. Entonces, ¿cómo visitar Malta en 2 o 3 días? 3 días en Malta: ¿qué hacer y qué ver? Día 1: Valletta / Las 3 ciudades Si solo tiene 2 o 3 días en Malta, no hay tiempo que perder. ¡Comencemos su itinerario con Valletta, la capital! No necesitará alquilar un automóvil para este primer día en Malta. Hay 2 formas de llegar a Valletta ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta January 25th 2020

Malta 18-23 January 2020 In the last blog I promised to stay quiet until we go to Argentina later this month as we spent the autumn in Lanzarote and there have been numerous blogs from there on previous trips. However as we did a quick side trip to Malta this blog shows some pictures of our highlights there. The reasons for visiting Malta were threefold, to avoid a few grey days in England in January, we have never been before and we spotted a very good deal as it is not really a winter resort although we were lucky and had mild sunny weather throughout our visit. So the timing meant that we wanted to sight-see rather than snorkel and in fact the sea looked cold and uninviting but I am sure that changes in the ... read more
Layers of history amongst the fortifications
Very protected natural harbour
Banners in Valletta change regularly

Europe » Malta » Malta » Marsaxlokk September 24th 2019

We discovered there is a cave here that Archaeologists have found life existed 5,200 BC. And we were just nearby yesterday!! So back we went today to Ghar Dalam where during the Iceage natural Land Bridges formed between Malta & Sicily when the sea levels dropped during this period. Giving escape for many animals whose habitats further North had frozen. Malta had a Rain Age instead of an Ice Age. Many archaeological diggings unearthed huge Elephant, Hippopotamus, Deer, Wolves etc of various ages & sizes as they adapted to the ecological changes over the Pleistocene period. A fascinating display & we ventured down into the caves which displayed the layers of the periods & some stalagmites/stalagtites. One of the oldest places in history we have visited. Some of the findings came from 180,000 - 130,000 years ... read more
Early human
Hippopotamus Remains

Europe » Malta » Malta » Marsaxlokk September 23rd 2019

A choice to go to Marsaxlokk fishing village today before we run out of days. Bus via Valletta then another to the coast. Good start with hardly any stops so just over an hour to get there. We disembarked early to walk the shoreline & the point before Marsaxlokk itself. An enormous Container Port across the Bay. On our side it was all set up for swimming. Although no one was swimming...all the sensible people were still inside. 9am 30° & 89% humidity!!! Marsaxlokk was gorgeous as expected. Markets & Restaurants starting to setup. Souvieners duluxe. Not many out fishing today...alot of boats in harbour. Just a cruisy day. Working out the buses & where to catch them is a feat in itself! Midday back home humidity dropped down to nice of it!!! off to ... read more
Pretty Bay
Above Pretty Bay

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta September 22nd 2019

Well over the do nothing we caught a bus into Valletta today, Sunday here & seemed like everyone decided to do the same. Spent 5 hours out & about...the cloud helped no end! The iconic Maltese homes are in abundance... every street we turn. Some of the limestone is really worn, however this is over quite a significant time. The harsh salt air comes from all coast directions being an island of 27km x 14km. We even notice swimming is easily buoyant & many people with sun hat/glasses tread water for hours. Notice on windy days a little plastic coming ashore...but not much. The sea water appears very clean....& extremely good for the skin. So far at least one swim a day. Simply enjoy the 2min beach we are still dripping by the time we ... read more
Large galleries
and on & on
Cafe seating on the sloping pavement

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema September 21st 2019

A quiet day we decided with an early walk round the streets in behind the waterfront. Lovely Maltese homes designed for the weather with their 'galleries' out front. Soft but bright pink, blue, red, green, yellow, stand out against the limestone. As in any Country beside the seaside the weather is harsh the homes & need constant attention. We sat in Ballutta Bay square at the waterfront in the shade & a nice sea breeze for half an hour...just heaven....& watched everyone swimming. A parasail has been on the go out on the point everyday since we have been here. Yacht's & launches in & out the bay...masses of swimmers. No thunderstorms this time. The bus system has improved imensely!!!...or we have. And so it is Independence Day here...a public holiday. Although most places appear open ... read more
Corner shop
Blue Gallery
The language

Europe » Malta » Malta » Vittoriosa September 20th 2019

We thought we'd have an easier day with a short bus ride to Valletta & then another bus to the Three Cities. Early start once again rewarded us with seats....we are learning! Well there was some nice big fluffy clouds but they weren't anywhere near the path of the sun! We started off in Senglea which is one of the three Fortified Cities in the Grand Harbour which also sits high above sealevel. Today it was dwarfed by a cruise ship... 4 of which were in the Harbour. Nice quiet stroll down the lovely narrow streets. The Three Cities are protected now from demolition & high rise apartments. We popped into a wee museum & were told the history of Malta & the many who tried to Conquer it: The houses were strategically built that from ... read more
Enormous cruise ship
Grand Harbour entrance

Europe » Malta » Malta » Rabat September 19th 2019

Up really early to get a seat on the bus...which we did achieve. Nothing like standing on the bus for over an hour! 8.30am to 'Il Rabat' outside of Mdina (imdina) which was originally the Capital of Malta before Valletta up to the Medival period. Fortified 300 residents & Rabat was a suburb of Mdina which now has 3,000 residents. 70mins on our Tillinja transport card to Rabat. Super view of Malta, Valletta out towards the coast. Mdina appears to have had a moat type senario although we find that a bit odd giving the climate with not much aqua. Still it definitely would have been difficult to traverse without the water anyway. Not many people to start with but that soon changed. Very tall buildings made for narrow streets & quiet. The walls absorbed most ... read more
St Pawl (Paul) in Mdina
Narrow cool streets
Narrow alleys

Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta September 18th 2019

What a fluke....after purchasing our week transport card we waited for the bus to Valletta along with a mounting number of people. Waved it down on approach & it stopped at our we boarded first....swiping our card...the driver shut the door on the others saying only 2 people...full up. He basically didn't let anyone else on at the next stops unless someone got off. So with that we felt lucky to get to Valletta today. Very busy with tourists & groups of people from the enormous cruise ship berthed in the terminal in the Grand Harbour. Valletta is a well used stop for ships & other large vessels due to it being one of the world's deepest natural harbours. Great to see the typical limestone Maltese houses in the Capital. Even though there is an ... read more
huge open space at bus stop
The Three Cities
Terminal in Grand Harbour

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