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Europe » Malta » Malta » Valletta June 2nd 2019

As mentioned in the last blog entry we decided to leave Gozo and head over to the island of Malta. We had been told by friends of ours where there was a good place to anchor that was close to chandleries (boat supply stores), a grocery store that has everything and the bus stop so we headed to Marsamxett Harbour and then to the head of Msida Creek to the anchorage. We were surprised to see SV Grateful anchored there as we had been in touch with them and learned they were leaving today. Soon after we put our anchor down and got settled in a dinghy came by with Niki and Jamie from Grateful in it. They were just coming back from the customs/port office as they needed to check out first. They stopped by ... read more
The Old and the New Flank the Harbor
Friends on SV Grateful Leaving the Anchorage
Our Night Views from the Anchorage in Valletta

Europe » Malta » Gozo May 26th 2019

Now time to explore the island of Gozo before going to the island of Malta. Just don’t be confused, both islands are part of the country of Malta. Malta is made up of 4 islands and we will get to two of them on this trip. Malta has a very long history and has seen its fill of struggles due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean. On our first full day in Gozo we got a lot of sightseeing in as we hopped on a bus first thing in the morning. We road into Victoria and caught another bus to get out to visit the Ggantija Temples and the Ta Kola Windmill in the village of Xaghra. These temples date back to 3,600 BC and are located in a wonderful area of the island with ... read more
Finishing Up the Last of our Tunisian Strawberries
Views Around the Marina Area of Mgaar on Gozo
Can You Imagine Walking Under This Working Equipment

Europe » Malta » Gozo May 21st 2019

It was finally looking like the weather was going to cooperate and we were going to be able to start our sailing season and leave Monastir and head to the island of Gozo in Malta. Bob had been checking the weather daily (quite a few times each day!) and it had been against us for quite a while (as well as others in the marina). It now looked like we could leave on Monday, May 20th and we found out that there were going to be 3 other boats leaving as well that day. At least that helped confirm that what we saw in the weather forecast, others saw it as well. Always nice to get that confirmation. When leaving Tunisia you must first check out with the Police and then with the Customs office. It ... read more
When Seas are Flat the Table Can Actually be Used!
Duty Done Differently At Different Times!
A Freighter To Watch

Europe » Malta November 21st 2018

Wed: Valletta & Three Cities I woke up starving!! Maria said Busy Bee is a cafe nearby that all Maltese go to. Excited! Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected. They have cakes but no pastry, just pastizzi and sandwiches. I got 3 pastizzi because they were uber cheap and I thought they’d be puny. Wrrrong! They were good size pies loaded with filling. 2 of them put me over the top! Today will be a Valletta day. Right off the bat, we were at St John’s co-cathedral. A handful of people were at the door, waiting for 9:30 am opening. Let’s knock this one out. 10-euro entrance fee comes with the audio guide. Inside is lavishly decorated with zero empty spot anywhere including the floor! So much to see, especially with the help of audio guide! ... read more
Maltese Nativity
Light show
Aljotto from Mamma Mia

Europe » Malta September 26th 2018

One more blog, just a different continent. My apologies if there are a lot of pictures, but let say that there is no need to send you blogs till Christmas! Welcome back for me to has been over 17 years since my last visit. Tanya is flying directly from St Petersburg...and I'm on little longer routing, Kinshasa, Addis, Vienna and finally Malta. We are happy to rejoin again after 5 weeks few thousand miles from each other! On the program, not a lot, just great couple time. We are staying at Le Meridien in St Julians. They will close end of the month for 9 months of full power rebranding into a Marriott. The hotel is at top occupancy and the rooms do show their age...but we managed a cute little suite for most nights, ... read more
Nice walk in the street of Valetta
By the Blue Grotto
On my 1000th dive!

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema September 24th 2018

Another lazy start to the day - I'm starting to get used to this and will be in for a rude shock tomorrow when I need to be at the airport by 7:15 lol. Headed down to the Point in Sliema for a morning swim. It was occasionally overcast today but when the sun came out it really had a bite to it. I enjoyed my time swimming the length of the 'pool' and taking the occasional view of Valletta in. After swimming and sunning for the morning, I headed back to my apartment, stopping along the way to have an espresso macchiato. After showering I headed out again to meet up with friends of Clare & Pete's - Mary & Peter. They were delivering a lens that's Clare was lending me to replace the one ... read more
The three amigo's! Rosie, me and Lucas at dinner
Our dinner location

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema September 23rd 2018

It was a lazy Sunday morning for me today. I didn't have any plans so had decided to just take the day as it comes. I ended up venturing out around 11:30 and was wandering a bit aimlessly to start as I couldn't decide if I was hungry or not or what I felt like eating if I was! All I knew was I needed a coffee lol. I started walking toward's Giorgio's when I saw the Valletta ferry approaching so decided to jump on that and then work it out. When I got over to Valletta I went to get a macchiato from a cafe near the wharf and saw they also did toasted sandwiches so I asked for a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. The service was terrible as they kept serving locals before ... read more
Walking along the wall surrounding the city
Streets of Valletta
This style of window is known as the Maltese window

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema September 22nd 2018

This morning I met up with my cousin Rosie and second cousin Lucas at Giorgio's for breakfast. It was also an exciting morning because the Eagles were playing the Demons in the prelim final and the match was well underway when I woke up! Daniel was in Amsterdam so we were 'chatting' throughout. i could safely leave the apartment to meet up with Rosie & Lucas by three quarter time lol. It was so lovely to see them! Lucas had only arrived at about 1:30 this morning (from London) as his flight had been delayed. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and especially enjoyed the coffee this cafe served! We chatted about what we all wanted to do while we are here and decided we would jump in a ferry and explore some of Valletta and then ... read more
The beautiful streets of Valletta
Good exercise walking up these streets every day!
At Elmo Fort

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema September 21st 2018

I set my alarm this morning as I wanted to make the most of my time before I had to check out at midday. There must have been a storm during the night as when I looked out the window, the water was stirred up and it didn't look as nice as the previous days. It was also a bit cooler, only 23 degrees. I still put my bathers on though and headed downstairs for a quick breakfast. After eating I walked along the bay but it was obvious the water was murky this morning and there was a fair bit of leaves and rubbish floating in it. Not at all appealingly. So I decided to go for a good walk along the coast and found myself heading towards the Xlendi tower. This tower was built ... read more
Pano of Xlendi Bay
Wave rock
Xlendi Tower and cliffs beyond

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Xlendi September 20th 2018

Those earplugs worked a treat! I did wake at 4am though with a cramp in my leg. After dealing with that I got up to look outside, as I knew thunderstorms were predicted for today. I had heard a very loud clap of thunder (through the earplugs) sometime earlier, so I wanted to see what the impact had been. The sea was quite high and there were even small waves washing up the steps in front of the hotel, which was interesting. The next morning I could see one of the restaurants hosing down their floor so I assume the water came up that high. After breakfast I chatted to the guy at reception about options for today. I wanted to see the Citadel but was also interested in a boat trip of some sort. There ... read more
View Dr the Citadel towards the port of Mgarr
The Citadel
I love sandstone against blue sky with white clouds

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