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Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette October 3rd 2022

The Trip around France was a rapid 3800 kilometre epic, and while we saw more than we would if I had planned it - that may have been a few villages and many patisseries - we are grateful for Tim’s obsessive planning, and his ability to keep the Old People on track. He was very considerate of his mother, as I’m sure Andrew would be, because I usually like to just get going and am often a few metres ahead. I would like to believe that I am just checking that the way ahead is safe, but the reality is, I’m not very patient. This morning was the first time that we have had some weighing scales available, and I’m pleased to report that we are both lighter than when we left Esch, 14 days ago. ... read more
Fourteen DaysLater, And It’s Foggy In Esch
Esch Municipal Pool
Autumn Is Here

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette October 2nd 2022

We slept on a fold out couch last night. Not all of us. Just Sue and me. It was better than many beds I’ve been on, so we’re rested up and heading to breakfast in the city centre. We will do the day on foot, The apartment has a 1990s decor, combining salmon carpets, beige and cream striped wallpaper with walnut veneer cabinets but, other than no coffee or milk, it was perfect for our agenda. Just getting a bit off track; while I think of it I’ll make an important announcement about fuelling up your car. Most of the service centres we have visited are stand alone, self serve , unstaffed stations and quiet a few wouldn’t accept my credit or debit card. The debit card is a European founded company, ING, and a Citibank ... read more
Quack Quack
Falling Croc
….but it’s a Michelin star restaurant.

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 16th 2022

Today’s post will be brief. My focus today is to try and straighten out a severe upper back strain, and more importantly, to survive the experimental medical treatment that I’ve been subjected to. Normally I wouldn’t show a picture of my skin from the waist up, but I have put it out there so there is proof, just in case things go awry, and Sue needs them for litigation. I have a strain spanning my shoulder blades and every so often a shock of pain causes an involuntary spasm, causing me to drop or twitch. It qualifies me as a member of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks, a club I want nothing to do with. Unfortunately the local physiotherapist doesn’t work on Friday so it’s desperate measures for desperate times. We walked down to the ... read more
Alternative Medicine From GG Patisserie
Pâté au Riesling
Backyard Electric Therapy

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 15th 2022

After a stack of Vegemite on rye bread for dinner last night, preceded throughout the day with sweet pastries and a Club sandwich for lunch - I suspect the Club was Collingwood, judging from the taste - I was pleased to have covered the five main food groups ; coffee, sugar, salt, butter, and carbohydrates. I feel Olympic. Is that even a thing. Don’t even ask why dinner was Vegemite on toast but it wasn’t the cook’s fault. Let’s just say, never buy smoked tempeh, and if you do, bury it deeper than nuclear waste, and under no circumstances attempt to open the packet. Tim tried to remove the tempeh from his serve, and then he ate it. I thought we brought him up better than that. It was inedible. Luxembourg has a very ridged rubbish ... read more
Our train at Esch-Sur-Alzette.
Luxembourg Railway  Station
Our Lunch Wagon

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 14th 2022

We’re just treading water at the moment. Tim went in to work today. No, seriously, he did, and Sue and I were left to amuse ourselves. My most important, and only compulsory task of the day was to mail a license to Switzerland, so a friend of Tim’s could continue to drive. The list of handyman chores this trip is quite lean, but when the front door handle came off when I tried to open it, I thought there’s never a better time than now to get to work. This building of three units also has a very heavy entry door that just had a new comercial closer fitted to it without adjusting the closing action. The old man, and this one is older than me, by a lot, living on the ground floor just about ... read more
Yes, The Tour de France came through in 2006.
GG Sugar Hit Shop.
The Living Room View From Tim and Natalia’s Place

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 13th 2022

Standing in the smoke filled Portuguese Chicken Shop last night, inhaling the deep dark flavours of oil basted pork, and chickens, split and splayed flat between wire frames, I was at the mercy of my senses when deciding what was for dinner; some of everything it turns out. Shiny glistening meat, exploding tiny sprays of oil, ok, fat, blackened as the grills were manually turned, sending my nose and mouth into a drooling mess. “ Chicken, pork ribs, and rice thanks. Yeah, with olive oil and chilli sauce. Thanks.” The talk was Tim. I don’t speak the lingo in these parts. We then stepped aside to allow the next customer in. There were four sweating, shiny skinned workers; two women preparing, one man standing guard over the charcoal grills, and an older woman, though not as ... read more
Wandering In The Badlands
Childcare Centre
Nice slate rooftops from Tim’s kitchen

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 12th 2022

Just waiting for our train to exit Platform 30 at Gare de L’Est, Paris. I have my own electric reclining seat, a fold down desk, and tons of leg room. Who wouldn’t pay $12. extra for the first class upgrade. Looking around, I might even be with a better class of traveller. Oops, that’s just my reflection in the window. What a wanker, you say. The trains are on time, spotlessly clean, and travel at over 300 kilometres per . You know I’m not in Victoria now. This morning we woke refreshed , ate a hearty breakfast at the hotel, and went in search of a SIM card provider. Orange seems to offer a good deal, have wide cover, backup, and I signed on the dotted iPad. We walked off breakfast- I should have walked to ... read more
Tiny Hamlet From The Train
Residential Development Along The Tracks

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 26th 2019

As the title suggests, this multicultural, diverse borough in the south of Luxembourg, is considered by some to be on the fringe of what life could offer, if you had the means to escape. How wrong you can be. As a long term resident of Esch-sur-Alzette since the 19th of September....this year, my observations are fresh and unbiased about this country of highly subsidised , overpaid shiny pants bankers, whose primary function is to push and distribute wealth around the world, with the primary goal of pocketing as much as possible as it passes through. Which is fair enough. I’m looking at it from the much maligned - highly unwarranted I might add - city of Esch-sur-Alzette, the second largest city in Luxembourg. Positioned in the south east, not too far from the remarkable vineyards of ... read more
The Station.
Manicured Gardens In An Enclosed Square

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 23rd 2019

I‘m a bit out of sync due to an unreliable Wifi connection at Tim and Natalia’s place. I thought Australia‘s NBN was third world but I think we’re in a black spot here. It went out late last night and I wasn’t sitting up in the hope it recovered. As someone who is on holidays with someone else who had a heart attack earlier this year, the thought struck me that without Wifi, I have no phone, no language skills, and we’re on the third floor; keep taking the medication Sue. Here’s a catch up. Better late than never. I said yesterday that we had no travel plan to return to Luxembourg ; we’ll things have changed and the plan has evolved. We were staying in Ghent until tomorrow, but after researching the journey home and ... read more
River Cruise

Europe » Luxembourg » Esch-sur-Alzette September 20th 2019

After Tim picked us up from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport last night, he suggested we go to a town on the Moselle River for dinner. I’ve never heard of Bernkastel-Kues before, but dinner was dinner and we would arrive home too late to bother eating. We wound our way along dark roads in the Black Forest, and after passing through a long illuminated tunnel, we arrived at our destination. It was magical. I won‘t describe it but it really was as you’d expect a classic german village to be. Check out the pics. We parked by the Moselle River in a large car park that is located where the original railway used to be. The walk up through the town square passed immaculate restored buildings, with dark exposed timber framing highlighting the brightly coloured walls and ... read more

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