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Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius October 7th 2007

June 2005 Welcome to the most central city in Europe - at least that is what the National Geographical Institute of France published in 1990 - Vilnius. A large city with an almost village like feel to it and another Eastern European melting pot, as a result of the regular transfer of ownership over the centuries. The population today still contains a large proportion of Poles and Russians and has an architectural style somewhere between Italian baroque and Soviet social housing. It also has the largest Old Town in Europe and whilst it is easy to overdose on Old Towns in modern day Eastern Europe, this one is worth a look by anybody’s standards. The mechanics of getting into town are easy - no need to get a lesson in Eastern European economics from a local ... read more
St Casimirs Church
Double Coffee
FC Vilnius

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 16th 2007

So. Lithuania...... after Riga we had finally met up with people that were going our way. Karen from Canada, Ally from Australia, Ken and myself had caught the bus to Vilnius. All these cities had the same sought of attributes, beautiful old city centres and massive developing tourism trade. Vilnius did not let us down. The advantage to this place was the local population also shopped , ate and drank in the old town, not just us tourists! I think overall I much prefered Vilnius to had a much more relaxed vibe, cleaner streets, smaller and not quite as busy. Hostel we stayed at was nice too (VB Hostel) - a stones throw away from the old town. We tried the specialities of Lithuania, including these very solid potato dumplings made out of potato in ... read more
Hair salon !
Ken just loves those hats!
At Comfy's

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 13th 2007

Tijdens onze kotenzoektocht van de afgelopen week had Jasmijn vlakbij dworzec centrałna (centraal station) een pijl richting Vilnius zien staan. Zondag, de dag na onze intrek in de flat, bedacht ze dat het misschien wel een leuke bestemming was voor een trip en ik vond dat nog niet zo'n zot idee en meteen die dag gingen we nog naar het station om tickets te boeken bij Eurolines. Maandagavond 10 september om 23u. De rugzakken gooien we in het laadruim van de bus. Exit pakezel, enter lazy bustoerist. Wij kiezen voor de turkenbank, helemaal achterin de bus, zodat we min of meer comfortabel kunnen slapen. We rijden ongeveer negen uren tot in Vilnius en daar komen we 's morgens om 09:00 aan (er is een uur tijdverschil). De eerste dag in Vilnius dwalen we vooral rond in ... read more
De toren

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 9th 2007

We had a nice long sleep in again today and neither of us particularly wanted to get up. When we did get up we headed across the city to the bus and train stations to plan our escape route to Poland. Turns out whichever route we take we're spending the full day traveling. We went for dinner back at the veggie restaurant. Rob finally got his falafel, and I had a vegetable crumble, all very satisfying and yummy. During dinner we booked our hostel in Warsaw. We're going back to dorm life, but hopefully it'll be slightly livelier than Vilnius. After dinner we had a gentle meander around a square we hadn't seen before. We made a decision to try walking to the Coke Cola Plaza again. We didn't really have anything else to do, so ... read more
Sign language lithuanian style
Recommended by the guide book and city signs
The other sight

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 8th 2007

We woke early this morning, but easily fell asleep again until midday. The weather was overcast and didn't really inspire us to get up and do anything. When we did eventually get up neither of us was particularly optomistic about the day ahead. First stop was cathedral square to find the tile that the human peace chain ended at. We really couldn't find it anywhere, so after a quick look around the cathedral itself we headed up to the Gedimino tower. It was around then that we realised we were exhausted. By the time we'd climbed to the top we were shattered, this could be due to a lack of decent meals. This was duely noted. On the way down from the tower we saw the three crosses hill which is where three monks were executed ... read more
New town...
...old town
Tower atop of the hill

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 7th 2007

We woke early and eager to find a different hostel to move to. Tourist information suggested a hostel not far from the old town so we went and had a look. We decided it was better than Paupio our current hostel, so we took it. By twelve we were settled into our room and ready to get to know the better side of Vilnius. Instead of trawling round the city looking for lunch we settled for Double Coffee, a Starbucks type chain we had been avoiding but had been recommended in Riga. It wasn't as expected and had a good menu ranging from toasties to sushi, all at cheap prices. We both picked burgers, chicken and cheese, a cheese burger being a lump of fried cheese in a bun. We were pretty sick of typical "old ... read more
The Constitution of Uzupio
The entrance sign
City hall

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 6th 2007

Today we got up and dressed in comfortable clothes in readiness for our journey to Vilnius. Breakfast was delicious again and appreciated more for it being our last. We went to catch the bus to Juodkrante but found that it only ran every other hour, so we had a rather pleasant hour reading by the lagoon in the sun. Juodkrante was rather fun. We left our bags in a random hotel and set off up witch's hill. This is a walk around a forest, but there are statues of witches, goblins etc scattered around. Some of the favourites included a seesaw, a slide and a really cool bench. After getting the ferry back to Klaipeda, we grabbed some food from a supermarket and headed for the train. Our train left Klaipeda at five and we arrived ... read more
Fun carved bench
Always getting chewed ...silly duckie
Battling the Dragon

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 6th 2007

Well i had doubts about writing this entry or not as i am still having problems in being away from Canada. Yes, it was one year ago !!!! the day i arrived in Canada and started the self discovery journey that brought me to Lithuania. One year ago i was arriving on Calgary international airport full of excitement and with high targets for the future. Evaluating my last year i can say it was full, full of good moments and also not so happy ones but all together it was a lifetime experience. I have traveled to Canada, Poland, France, Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and i also went home for a few months so i can put down Romania as well, 10 countries in one year. I made new friends, loads of ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius September 2nd 2007

The title sounds a bit disturbing doesn't it? actually i wish a had a better one, one that could express what i feel better but i don't. Yesterday i was outside contemplating...Autumn is here, leafs are brown, remembering "Hazy Shade of Winter" from Simon and Garfunkel...Cultures..."Peace corps" and pioneers ...uuu big Word. I was thinking about Peace corps Volunteers coming to Eastern Europe right after 1989, or just people wanting to see what Eastern Europe is. But still Peace corps Volunteers were in my mind, coming to an ex communist country and trying to change were probably the pioneers...Than another thought hit did they adapt? They were coming for 1 or 2 years....just like AIESEC internships. wow there was such a big difference in culture back then, Thinking about Romania only 17 ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius August 24th 2007

Yet Another Flavor of Baltic…Oh, It’s Yummy Each of the Baltic states is similar yet, once you’ve scratched the surface, there are subtle differences. As I noted in our last entry, Latvia is a spend happy cousin of the Estonian. Both have an aftertaste of Communism in their crumbling buildings and left over poverty but both have a young, fresh dose of liberation which is leading to growth both economically and personally. Estonia wishes to break away from its Russian roots and is, almost, cussedly independent while it feels like the Latvians hold on to their Communist roots a little tighter. Kel and I were both excited to see what differences Lithuania had to offer. Rumor has stated that Lithuanians were the cheeky cousins of the other states near by. Often referred to as the ... read more
The Right Rights
Trakai Castle
Baroque At Its Best

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