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Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius July 4th 2008

OK, so checked out the Old Town, walked up to the castle for the best view of the city, and went to the former KGB headquarters to explore the old cells, execution rooms, etc. and the museum. Interesting. It is a neat old city here too. Had my 2nd day of really fatty, fried pancakes with meat in them. Maybe a little trip outside the city now--we'll see.... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius July 3rd 2008

So made it to Vilnius. Sort of scary drive in from the airport on the city bus. Not anywhere near as nic as Riga and Tallinn, but not bad--just a lot different. Have not seen much of the Old Town yet, but got some good, but very filling, Lithuanian food tonight there. Hostel is crowded, but some good people and a little more fun than the last one. Beds are just a bit sad. Anyway, up in the am to see the Old Town and maybe do the pub crawl tomorrow night.... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius July 3rd 2008

Mileage ~2400 miles After leaving Berlin we travelled East and along the Polish North coast to Gdansk, a small city on the coast. We spent a couple of hours trying to find somewhere to stay as it had been pouring with rain and we weren't interested in camping. We eventually happened upon a very nice hotel in the centre of the city where we could put our feet up. We ate that night at a cafe looking out onto an attractive street. The next morning we explored Gdansk which was small enough to enjoy by foot. The buildings were quaint and unobtrusive, and we walked along the peaceful canal past the amber stalls (the region is renowned for its amber jewellery). We left in the afternoon for Lithuania but slow roads meant we spent a second ... read more
Beach on the Curanian Spit
Vilnius Cathedral

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 11th 2008

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius June 2nd 2008

Hola no crean que me olvidado de ustedes lo que pasa es que en estos días he estado como medio ocupado e involucrado con muchas actividades y últimamente mi trabajo absorbe la mayor parte de mi tiempo, bueno le tengo varias historias después de 20 días , le cuanto que ya soy toda una celebridad en estos lados :) una tarde de trabajo tuve una llamada por el celular y empezaron a hacer algunas preguntas que si era verdad que venia de colombia y que si trabajaba en una empresa de tecnología etc, etc. Yo dentro de mi pensaba que era el departamento de inmigración y que algo no estaba correcto con mis documentos dije “ya me deportaron”, pero no al final era una periodista del periódico mas importante de Lituania “ Lietuvos rytas”, la chica ... read more
Con ella si me caso
Otro matrimonio posando para las fotos
Cogimos a un matrimonio en pleno acto!!!

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius May 16th 2008

Hi everyone! Been a little while since the last update, but it has been incredibly difficult to come by internet cafe's in rural poland. Since the last blog we had a small accident with our lovely little corsa. Drove into a restircted area in Schwerin in germany, an automatic bollard came up out of the ground and smashed the front end and radiator. Paul was swearing and i was almost crying. But luckily a nice young german man, Gerhard, was passing by who happened to be a mechanic and offered to fix it for us that night! Saved! It was a saturday afternoon and a public holiday on the following monday. Would have been to expensive to fix anyway. So he and one of his mates welded it all up and put in a new second ... read more

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius » Trakai April 21st 2008

From Latvia I moved south to Lithuania, first stop was Vilnius. I found Vilnius to be a very clean and assesable. It was also the turing point of the weather. The snow started to stop you could tell cause every one was starting to creep out of their houses for the first time. I spent a few days touring around seeing the sights and the museums then took a day trip to Trakai. Trakai is a small town on a lake with an unbelievable castle on an Island. You can see from the Photo I posted. Also what is a trip to a baltic capitol without going to an Occupation Museum and a KGB Prison. Both of which I found to be very depressing and intersting at the same time as would most I guess. ... read more
Bell Tower
When do you think this was built??

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius April 19th 2008

(Day 15 on the road) "Whats your mission on your travels?" That was the question I was asked by two girls I went out for dinner with on my last night in Vilnius. Well, a very good question indeed - what was my mission? Travel round the world walking backwards, or only using female donkeys as the preferred method of transportation, or taking a picture of every person I meet that was wearing pink sandals? To be honest, I don't have a mission. My only idea for the beginning of this trip is that I want to reach China by traveling overland. I feel this will give a more gradual start than if I stepped on a plane in Europe and got off in crazy Beijing, Manila, or Delhi. Apart from that, it's just me traveling ... read more
Gate of Dawn
Vilnius at night
Trakai Island Castle

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius April 16th 2008

Alright, the best news first: I've made it safely back into civilization, i.e. the EU. Unsurprisingly, it's like a different world here, no more surly people, bad service, spitting as a form of expression, and no more Cyrillic! But how did it all come about? After my last proof of life, I managed to catch the train from Kyiv to Minsk after 10 hours of waiting at the train station. Yes, I could have left my luggage in a locker there, but -behold!- the descriptions were all in Cyrillic, and since I prefer my luggage safely tucked away, I refrained from that plan and grudgingly carried it with me. I killed the time reading, going on the internet, and snoozing away with the head on my backpack. The actual trip was nothing worth mentioning, the usual ... read more
National Drama Theatre
Another church
The Uzupio angel

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius April 1st 2008

Well i guess i have to make a short update of what is going on with my life, as in the last months i was most of the time out of time. Starting with the beginning of March i am working in a company as HR assistant, and i get to travel a lot in between Kaunas and Vilnius, i have to wake up at 5:30 or 6 every day and i make about 200 Km/day by car...i am not driving. During the last week my health was not that good but i recovered fast i would say and now i am ok. I like the job that i have even if it is challenging and i have to make sacrifices and to push myself every day, i am in a new environment where i ... read more
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