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October 15th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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Killer Mozzerilla - go ahead- fall victim.

It's a con, pure and simple. It works like this: you see this delectible shop, with cheese, salami, and other colorful things hanging all over. It's simply overflowing with goods. Brightly painted where there is an inch of the woodwork that isn't draped with some sort of goods.

So you are lured in. The counter has olives on it, and cheeses and salamis and other meats in it. You see the mozzerilla cheese submerged in water. The proprieter takes one out, fills a bag with water and places the mozzerilla in the bag. You say no, but it's already a bit too late. He is already sizing you up for which salami you wish to have--- with a unconsious nod of the head you are already succumbing to the scam- he cuts off and weighs out the amount he thinks you need. Olives, bread. Before you know it, he has you rung up, and you're out on the street with a bag that costs as much as a niiiice lunch at a trattoria. Yes, you've been Mozzerilla-ed. But don't take it personally. Quite frankly, if you haven't had fresh Mozzerilla on the steps of an old building in Palermo, then you really missed Palermo at its best!


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