The Man in the Kilt & the Gal Dressed to the Hilt

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October 15th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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From Bolivian musicians in Florence to the bushman of San Francisco, it is always exciting to come upon a street entertainer or troupe doing their thing. I can think of many that I thoroughly enjoyed, and gladly contributed to. My most memorial one, besides watching the bushman covered with camouflage hiding behind a few branches in his hand and scaring the willies out of unsuspecting people as they walk by, I have to say the one that reallllly got me was in Seattle. Standing at a busy intersection was a man in full Scottish regalia, playing his bagpipes. At first glance, you walk past; appreciate his guts and commitment to this instrument to play in such a public crowded place, but after a few minutes of listening it's time to keep moving.

But wait! The sound of the bagpipe has mesmerized one of the onlookers. It happens to be anyone's dear mother, dressed to the hilt for shopping at I. Magnine, or Sacks Fifth Avenue. High heels, WHITE gloves up to her elbows, hat with mesh extending halfway down the face. She's not a model; she's the one who HIRES the models. She's not out making money; she's out SPENDING money. But there she is... eyes closed, in a trance. Her arms extended out like one of the dancers might have entertained Queen Hatshepsut of ancient Egypt. Long strides she took, reversing her extended arms in a still life but mesmeric rhythmic motion to the sound of... BAGPIPES. I was caught up watching this gal. She has flipped, I thought. I expected her to stop, blush, and dissipate into the crowd, but she kept at it. Then to my dismay she discarded her scarf. What is she doing? Her wrap came off. Now I was the one mesmerized. My jaw was dropped open... as one by one she discarded her gloves, her skirt, her blouse, littering the sidewalk with her elegant clothing. She did it so subtly, that I kept wondering if she had indeed flipped, or if she and the bagpipe player were working in consort. I finally realized, as she went all the way to the bare minimums (lol that is, without getting arrested!!) that the egg was on my face... yes, they were a team. I had been completely taken in.


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