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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo October 23rd 2013

Dolomites in Northern Italy 22 October 2013 We woke up to a very cloudy morning with a real nip in the air. Was this going to be a good day to view the Dolomites? We have been very lucky on this trip with the weather so we were thinking confidently. After setting off at about 9.30am we drove back into Ponte nelle Alpi to have a walk around. We found a river that had sheer rocks on either side of it, a big castle on the hill and some clothes and food markets. The town was surrounded by mountains. The town itself was built in a terraced way. We were watching the clouds. Were they clearing? After a wander around, we had lunch and started our drive through the Dolomites. We had got a couple of ... read more
Autum in the Dolomites northern Italy 22 Oct 2013
Dolomites northern Italy 22 Oct 2013 (5)
Pam very relaxed atThe Terme Merano Spa & Vital Centre in Merano Italy

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo September 12th 2013

Under de sidste fotodage har vi været igennem alle udgaver af metrologiske fænomener. En morgen kørte vi op igennem regn og tåge som til sidst gik over i sne. Oppe på toppen af bjerget klarede skyerne op hele området var dækket af det smukkeste snelag. Skyerne gik i løbet af morgenen i opløsning og de enkelt bjergformationer begyndte at vise sig. Morgenen efter nåede vi op i højderne så vi kunne overvære en smuk solopgang bag bjergene.... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo September 9th 2013

Fotoworkshoppen har været i gang et par dag. Selv en gammel rev som mig har lært en masse. Workshoppen er hård som sædvanlig. Vi har været tidligt oppe for at kunne fotografere kirken med lys på og solopgangen i baggrunden. Den efterfølgende dag stod vi endnu tidligere op i et forsøg på at komme over skyerne og regnen. Vi endte oppe på toppen af bjerget i silende regn og torden. Den gode side at den morgen var at vi fik tidlig morgenmad. Kort tid efter blev dagen fantastisk masser af sol og dramatiske skyer mellem bjergene. Vi endte op med at fotografere det meste af dagen til langt ud på aftenen.... read more
130909 - 2
130909 - 3

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo July 27th 2012

Cortina d’Ampezzo to Switzerland and Germany. 13th July to 22nd July 2012. Friday 13th July 2012. We head off for a very long drive to Lucerne. We are caught up in traffic due to roadwork’s. When we left this morning the GPS estimated we would take 4 hours. After 1 hour, it still said 4 hours – going nowhere fast. Eventually we hit Austria – it was €8.50 for each stretch of Autobahn and there were 2 stretches. We went through the longest tunnel we have been through so far. It was 10.4km long. So many mountains – we go through lots of tunnels. We also were held up for another 45 minutes with an accident. Then into Switzerland and stopped at the... read more
14.7.12 Lucerne - Central district
14.7.12 Lucerne - Central district
15.7.12 Lucerne - Water Tower - attached to defensive walk bridge

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo March 17th 2012

Our last day of skiing in Italy and then party tonight to celebrate St Patty's Day! It has been a wonderful week and I will be sad to see it end but then we will be off to Sicily!... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo March 16th 2012

Another fabulous day in Italy! Fellow Fall Liners have spent a couple of days in wine country, amother couple are heading to Venice today, others are going to a Prosecco Wine tour and the remaining will be tearing it up on the slopes. It seems that time is flying by but we are having a fabulous vacation! Ciao for now!... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo March 15th 2012

Last night my wonderful group presented me with a beautiful local handcrafted necklace as a thank you for all that I did in putting the trip together. I was so touched and brought to tears. This is the best group that I have ever traveled with. I a truly blessed.... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo March 15th 2012

Today we went skiing at Tofana which was a beautiful ski area with spectacular views. We took two trams to go up and after skiing and a wonderful lunch did a Tram Crawl back down to Cortina. It was a beautiful spring skiing day!... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo March 14th 2009

We opted to sleep in on our final full day in Cortina to be well rested, not to mention repack (we had to get everything into smaller suitcase for Venice) which took some time. We ended up watching a movie while we packed, Bolt and once we were finished we walked around town. We grabbed lunch at our favorite restaurant Croda Cafe, built a snowman and we bought some souvenirs. Then we met the gang for one last happy hour and delicious meal before heading to bed in order to make the early bus departure for Venice.... read more
croda cafe
croda cafe
croda cafe

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Cortina d'Ampezzo March 11th 2009

We spent the morning boarding before rondavuing with the ski club for a mountain lunch. the lunch was held at approx 7,400 feet up the mountain and a quaint little restaurant. After we ate and drank a bit we decided to embark higher up the mountain to take some pics. We only managed to get to approx 8,500 feet up as the lift to the highest point (approx 10,000 feet) was closed due to high winds. We spent a while up there in the cold, windy conditions taking pictures and looking down on the town as well as observing the most famous of the Dolomite peaks. On our way back into town we stopped by the Cortina ice rink in hopes to score some hockey tickets for Saturday nights game, but the Cortina team was eliminated ... read more
on the lift from hell
base of mountain
waiting on the bus

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