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September 12th 2019
Published: September 12th 2019
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Our feet have done some walking! Lots of places to sit down which suits us just fine.
Set off to Quattro Canti corner which is part of the block we are in. Directly opposite on Maqueda we found the Norman church 1160 open, S.Maria dell Ammiraglio. Fantastic mosaics!
Via Maqueda, another padestrian street was starting to come alive so we mooched along on the shade side & found our way through a side Alley to the Ballaró fish markets. Talk about vending outloud. Just enough room for people to stop at stalls & to give way to opposite travellers....mind where you step...uh there comes a scooter amongst it all...sit on the tomatoes...not quite:-P ...away we weave again....then another scooter...aubergenes this time. The Markets are so entertaining!
We carried on to the Palermo Centrale Stazione & around behind it about 1km we found the Norman Ponte 1132 another Unesco site. They believe it is one of the greatest products of Medieval engineering in the Mediterranean area...built by the Admiral of the Kingdom of Roger II. Hence Ponte dell Ammiraglio. Also responsible for the Norman church we visited earlier today.

It was starting to heat up a bit now 29 so we made our way back Via Maqueda which already seemed in Siesta mode. All the children out from school for siesta time going home.
Enjoyed our little balcony in the shade....a little breeze coming up.

5pm everyone is out so we thought we'd join them.... Via Vittorio Emanuele...& a piccolo stone shop. Lots of al fresco restaurants setting up for the night. Polizia on the corners. Wedding photos & the wedding car.

Time for a vino.. AND the answer to the power supply for Doha is ....they have an abundance of oil. I did like John's suggestion of rain water from Scotland they could probably afford it!

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12th September 2019
Our wee balcony

At I east you can get out side in the fresh air?
13th September 2019
Our wee balcony

Wee Balcony
Typical hazy Europe we are pleased to have that little outside space
13th September 2019

Palermo on Maqueda
Once again, so much info...When you go back to Doha tell them our rain is on special offer just now...Buy One...Get One Free :) Not sure if anyone else has an issue with this load of Photo's but I can't view them? which is disappointing :(
14th September 2019

Stinking hot
...i'll have some of that buy one get one free for myself thanks!!

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