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Europe » Italy » Sicily » Modica May 23rd 2017

We wake to clear blue skies and views of a smoking Mt Etna spoilt only by a power pole and cables. Life cannot be perfect all the time. We enjoy the momentary view because it doesn’t take long for the cloud to cover the summit. Once again it is a slow start. It doesn’t take long to pack our meagre possessions and depart. The narrow streets have recently been resealed. That takes pot hole dodging out of the equation. Early morning traffic is just as manic. In a peculiar way it is an experience we wouldn’t miss. If we didn’t like it there is always the autostrada somewhere above the towns. We wonder if Donald and Melania will come this way. We discover a reasonably new shopping centre so make a detour for some provisions. We ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Modica July 22nd 2012

Geo: 36.859, 14.7608I hate Sicily! Alright, that isn't really true, I actually love the place, but I hate what a pain it is to travel around by public transport on a Sunday, when Sicily seems run on its own time. You take a look at a map, and Modica is very close to Siracusa, no more than 70 km away. Buses and trains between the two are no more than two hours, at least when they have them - today, there was not a single direct bus between the two cities, and there was no way of getting there by train, even with connections. Modica appears to be nearly impossible to reach on a Sunday ...It was strange, since during the planning phase of the trip, old bus schedules taken directly from the AST website, the ... read more
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