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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore September 1st 2018

This morning the rainy had not quite departed when we boarded a boat for Isola Bella, the summer residence of the Borromeos. The palazzo on the island took 100 years, three generations of Borromeos, to build. It has about 100 rooms--25 of them devoted to a museum. The Borromeos were in residence today--all three of them. They had the other 75. The museum reflects the original Baroque style of the time with the newer parts done in the Neo-classical style. The lavish art and fixtures were done to impress their guests. The king and queen of Italy, Napoleon and Josephine, and other rich and famous people stayed there. Before World War II, Mussolini, Flandin (French PM), Mussolini, and MacDonald met there to try to resolve differences and prevent war. The meeting was a failure. There are ... read more
The Borromeos’ dining room
Door on Isla de Pescatori
Sunset from the Hotel de Palma Sky Bar

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore May 11th 2018

Il nous faut malheureusement quitter l’Italie car il faut un jour penser à s’en retourner… Nous y avons vu des merveilles, attendues ou surprises…Nous avons surtout eu l’occasion d’y retrouver des ami(e)s… Nous y avons découvert un peu comme lors de notre grand voyage en Espagne il y a deux ans des lieux dont nous n’avions jamais imaginés nous rendre et encore moins visiter… Nos voyages comme vous le savez sont nombreux et on ne peut pas tout visiter si l’année ne se compose que de 12 mois et que les jours ne font que 24 heures… Nous quittons donc l’Italie par un dernier camping au bord du lac Majeur mais cette fois de l’autre côté de la rive de Verbania… Le climat semble avoir porté ses fruits ou plutôt ses fleurs depuis notre passage à ... read more
01 et qu'avant notre départ le ciel se couvre sur la montagne
02 pour une de mes soeurs qui se reconnaîtra...
03 en route

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore October 1st 2017

About 10 years ago Dax told me he was going to take me to Rome as a birthday present, I waited and waited and the trip never actually happened. It became a bit of a joke with me complaining that he never actually had taken me to Rome and him laughing about it (although I was very hurt!). Fast forward 10 years and I have finally made it to Italy for my birthday! Not to Rome, but Italy none the less! This is actually a double celebration as both my mum and I are celebrating 'big ones' this year. My mum is not a big traveller but she didn't have much choice on this as she didn't know we were all going to Italy until the previous evening! Fortunately, she was happy about going there and ... read more
Lago Maggiore
Lago Maggiore
View from our window

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore September 29th 2017

Hello again everyone, Today we did a 30min. hike to Bieno a small village near the appartment we are staying at. Bieno is quite small and typical Italian. We tried to drive there but we could not get in, as our car was too large. I can tell you for sure that no tourists come there, but we think it gives you a flavor of what the real Italy is like. We leave here on Sunday to take our lease car to Milano. We will stay one night and rent another car to go to Venice. We will be there 4 days before leaving for Israel. We have had 8 days here in a peaceful and beautiful apartment. Very relaxing. Getting for the last leg of our trip hope you like the pictures as ever Lowell ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore September 24th 2017

Hello This will be a short blog tonight. We are just doing some R&R in this apartment over he next few days. We did do a little walking today. The road is quite steep and full of hairpin curves. Had to be on guard but did take a few pictures. The weather has been very kind to us. God bless LOWELL... read more
We are in ?
The W.O. side of the home
Heavy stones for shingles

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore September 23rd 2017

Sat morning, Sept. something, We have found our way to the very north of Italy 25 minutes south of the Swiss border. we have stayed overnight in a small hotel while we searched the web for an apartment for the next 7 nights. Then it will be off to Milano to drop the lease car and get a rental for our trip to Venice. There is no drop for our lease car in Venice. I will send photos of our next apartment after we get there. It is about 45 min. away but that is most likely an hour and a half. Here are some photos of Lago Maggiore. Pretty touristy ? Lowell... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore May 28th 2016

The fine weather is holding for us and even if the mountains in the far distance have disappeared from our view because of either a greater haze or lower cloud than yesterday it looks like it should remain dry for Gretchen’s sightseeing tour of the day. Surprisingly our tired muscles from yesterdays walk in the forest have recovered remarkably well which perhaps does prove that our fitness is not too bad at all. Gretchen has promised no long walks today so the muscles won’t be tested for two days in a row. Our view of the lake is expansive and we have looked at various spots within our visibility range and wondered what was actually there. And it was one of these spots that Gretchen has got in mind as our main destination. Because the lake ... read more
The bucket cableway
Down to the town from the bucket cableway
A more expansive view of Lake Maggiore

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore May 27th 2016

We have two plans for a walk somewhere around or above the lake today. We will try for Plan A which is a 20 minute ride in the cable way up from the lakefront at Stresa to Mount Mottarone, a peak behind the town at 1490 metres above sea level. Once we get to the top we will take a trail that leads through forest, open meadows and a couple of small villages back down to Stresa. And along the way we might get a pizza lunch in one of the villages. All this including lunch should take us 4 or 5 hours and will nicely take care of the middle of the day. So we were a little more on the ball for breakfast this morning, not too much, just a little. The sunrise had ... read more
The island we thought about going to until we remembered yesterday
Flash train to Switzerland
Our local train to Belgirate and the walk

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore May 26th 2016

We had a feeling that the position of the apartment at Lake Maggiore would give us a special sunrise and we were right. While the sun rising out of the sea, as we have seen at Mt Maunganui back home, is a special occasion, so too was the sun rising over the mountains here at the lake. First the light in the eastern sky slowly went through various shades of pink and with the help of some cloud it meant that colour spread across most of our view. Then we caught the first rays appear and very quickly the sun itself. It was surprising just how quick it rose above the horizon and we put that down to the mountains giving an uneven skyline whereas when we have seen the sun rise from the open sea ... read more
Lake Maggiore at breakfast
Narrow alleyways of Orto San Gulio
Isola San Guilo

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore May 25th 2016

There is nothing like waking to the rising of the sun and farmyard noises. For city people it really does make you feel like you are in another world. This was the way it was this morning. Not just chickens going about their early morning business but the noises of a farm getting underway for the day ahead. First up though was a visit to the 'Tardis'.We have named the shower the'Tardis' as it reminds us of that thing in the TV show Dr Who.We want one of these showers for home when we next upgrade the bathroom.To heck with the expense just to have all the options of jets from all angles and a blast from overhead once you can work out the controls! Breakfast was provided this morning as part of the tariff which ... read more
The 'Tardis'shower at the B&B
The farmyard at the B&B
The B&B

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